Let’s Go To The CROP!

Howdy folks, Just a quick post today as I am getting ready to go scrapbooking today. After seeing many ladies bring everything but the kitchen sink to a crop and not get much done I decided to film a video showing you what to pack for a crop, or at least what I pack and trust me it is still more than you really need. The less you bring the more you will get done! Have a look-see:

So here is a list of basic supplies:

Cutting tools: 12″ paper-trimmer, strait scissors, x-acto knife & mat. I don’t worry about punches and circle cutters, if i need it someone else will have one or I can trace something;)

Adhesive: Doublestick tape/tape runner, fine tip glue, glue dots or foam squares. Also I love the Helmar 450 glue if you glue a lot of buttons and ribbons, it is like a cold hot glue 😉

Color mediums: Fine tip pens for journaling, markers, mini ink pads for stamping and distressing (make sure they have a raised surface so you can ink any stamp), colored pencils, chalk *you don’t need all of this but at least have one!

All of the above should go in one bag/tote that is easy to lift. This bag will stay as is, you will only need to add adhesive from time to time.

In another bag keep a rainbow assortment of cardstock and the photos/paper/embellishments/stamps for each project you will work on during the crop and unpack it after each crop and put back what you did not use and put your finished pages (you will have more finished pages with this system!) in albums!

Easy huh? Pack light and have fun at the crop! Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The CROP!

  1. Yup! I always bring too much! Need to be more organized so i know what I will be working on at the crop! Thanks for the motivation!


  2. Wow, that seems easy enought. I bet you must have an easy time packing for vacations??? I usually pack to much, then have to give away or leave somethings behind, like socks or such, to make room for better items like a new top, skirt,or even a new swim-suit! don’t I wish!


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