The Night Circus & WOYWW!

I am in love with the book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern! I finished it Tuesday night and started reading it again…it was that good! I highly recommend it, I don’t even know what genre it is, it is very dreamy and transcendent with a truly original plot and I don’t want to tell you about it because I don’t want to spoil anything. I even ordered the audio book so I could listen to it read to me! Anyway, it has inspired me in my work this week. I designed a printable party kit called Midnight Dinner Party and I used one of the printable sheets to make this card:

I was inspired by the character “Kiko”, the Asian contortionist when I created this card. The Geisha Stamp I used is by Art Neko, the sentiment is from MSE!, all other stamps are from Glitz Designs. I used my Inktense watercolor pencils to color the kimono, notice how much more vivid the colors are with this brand of pencils compared to the traditional colored pencils I used on my teacher valentines and my sock monkey card from earlier this week. Both the Inktense and the regular colored pencils are by the Derwent company but they are quite different.

Here is my desk mid-card (a day late) for What’s On Your Work-desk Wednesday:

So, this book influenced me so much while I was working this week. I was compelled to design a black and white party set called Midnight Dinner Party. All the elements in my kit are black and white so it is cheap to print and if you do not like black and white you can print it out on colored cardstock. I would be pretty on cream for a wedding, or hot pink for a sweet 16 or with accents of red for a “Night Circus Midnight Dinner” like I did here. Please note that no text or wording comes in this kit (but couldn’t help the mock-up with the characters names!)  you can customize that easily yourself and use this kit time and time again!

If you find yourself inspired enough by The Night Circus to create something leave a link to it, I’d love to see it! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “The Night Circus & WOYWW!

  1. Talk about INTENSE, the whole card is, not just the colors(but i must admit i’ve NEVER seen reds of that hue ever!, I lov the Geshia’s stance, the way her wrap drapes ever-so-…along with the Tatoo
    which say’s(???)
    This reveals a WHOLE LOT about YOUR INNER Beings COMFORT
    with YOUR-SELF as WOMAN.
    It also says what you are working towards w/those you love. to be sure
    of WHO, and to be PROUD of self, not with (an empty-pride) but with an assurance that allows one to stand as your stamp, SURE-OF-ONE-SELF, with FEET FIRM on the EARTH!


  2. What totally fun projects you have been working on. I am a big fan of the black and white look. Toss in some red and I’m very happy. I’ve not read the book you mentioned. I just might have to have a peek at it.


  3. WOW Lindsey. Great digital stamps. I am now listening to The Night Circus and love it. Great representation of Kiko.

    Kim McKiiney


  4. Beautiful card and beautiful image. I am so glad you showed the Inktense pencils. I have been wanting to get some and fighting with the decision. All of the images I have seen so far were not what I was looking for in coloring. Your coloring has sold me on buying a tin of pencils now.


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