Now that’s what I call recycling!

Howdy folks! I have spent the last couple of days working on centerpieces for the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold banquet this weekend. I made a bunch (24) of blue and gold centerpieces for last years banquet (you can see them here) and they are going to reuse them but this year we have a bigger space to fill and more boys in scouts so we need more centerpieces. The theme this year is “Freedom is not Free” and the color palette is red, white, blue & gold so I came up with this:

I used 10 soup cans (free), 9 sheets of red cardstock (from of a pack of 50 that was $2.75), 2 sheets of white cardstock (.02 each), My electronic Die cutter and SCAL software, random 4th of July pattern paper from DCWV stacks (about 6 cents a sheet), a dollop of white and red paint (I have no idea how to figure that but I had it in my stash;), red and blue ribbon (I used part of a spool, each spool was .25 each), glue sticks and skewers (bag of 100 for $1) The flags were already owned by the pack but they had a price tag on them are were .50 each, we have enough so all of the other centerpieces will have a flag in it too. Counting the flag the cost of each centerpiece was less than $0.75! And I really did not have to buy anything because it was all from my stash! Here is a look at all the centerpiece parts boxed up and ready to go, I love those rosettes, they make me happy;)

Keep in mind when you are making a project like this that there ar many ways to lux up a design without spending a dime. Use the tools and supplies you have already bought and paid for instead of going out and buying new or going without. For instance. I use my embossing folders to add texture on the construction paper I wrapped around the soup can. A quick swipe of white paint makes it look like old denim! I also used an embossing folder on the red stars. It is not a patriotic pattern but it works and I already owned it. You won’t wear your embossing folders out so it costs you nothing! Also, the small stars on the rosettes, I remembered that I has a star button stamps and it happened to be just the right size as the sheet of stars I die-cut, nice! Using that stamp didn’t cost me a dime and it adds such a nice touch! I can hardly count the wee bit of ink and paint I used but it adds so much interest to the design.

Oh, and speaking of the star die cuts I saved the leftover scraps to use a stencils. When I dry-brushed paint over my embossed stars I did it on an inexpensive sheet of kraft cardstock and I love the grungy star (white) then I took the leftover piece from my white die cut stars and laid it over and dabbed metallic blue paint over the white then I grabbed the leftover from the red star die cuts and stenciled a big star…How fun! Now I can use it to scrap my 4th of July pics next year or pictures from the banquet this weekend!

Leftover die-cut waste = free stencils!!!


Now, I was going to use the centerpiece printables from my USA Mega Party kit but I found out that there is going to be a pitcher of water on ever table and there will be kids at every table and I only have an ink-jet printer (are you feeling me?) so rather than risk having my ink-jet printer in run I used stuff from my stash. But I did want to mention that the party kit as well as everything else at Lindsay’s stamp Stuff is 40% off through tomorrow😉

USA Party Mega Kit!

I hope I inspired you to recycle and create and look at your scraps in new ways. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call recycling!

  1. These are really even much better than any I’ve ever seen, Thoses Scouts need to make sure they make a badge for moms, cause you would receive one (and as I’m sure so would others). I’ve seem some moms really as troop leaders actually behind the man. Ye the old saying,..behind every good woman, follows her man, that;s how I say it
    tee hee hee:)


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