Video Tutorial: Stamp Carving!

I love my store-bought stamps AND my digital stamps but sometimes I want to create my own image but still be able to get inky! I have drooled over the Stampmaker but Alas, it is not in my budget! So, what is a starving artist to do? Carve her own or course! It’s easy too, I carved the cameo I used on this card and paired it with a frame (Glitz) that I already had on hand:

Stamp carving is easy, quick and inexpensive. You can carve a simple stamp with an x-acto knife and an eraser or you can purchase an inexpensive stamp carving tool and some e-z cut rubber for more detailed designs. See how simple it is in this video:

Maybe someday I will have a Stampmaker but until then I have my stamp carving supplies! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. Another great video tutorial Lindsay! Love the card and the Cameo really rocks!


  2. Great video! Thanks!


  3. I absolutely LOVE all your videos and find them to be
    interesting and educational! Thank you for sharing your
    wonderful ideas!!
    Chris B.


  4. Not only have you been clearly bless w/the creative spirit, Y are also able to articulate w/us in very clear speech the actual HOW-TO. I’m amazed my how free u r 2 share these finds w/us. There r @ least 2 other bloggers who have stamp lines AND now also have ‘saved” made CD’s w/theri most “Important”cricut how-to’s video’s, compiled these And R now putting -them-up-for-sale. I’m sure u know who they R one refrences a color(pink), another has 2 do w/being(creative), but I just can;t see it. when we have someone like you AND others who’s “Quality of Art’s Craft” has so much more clearly to offer, than their simple description of how to manipulate a machine. whenif U just go online 2 the company’s site a C.S. rep will walk U through the same process. I think that nsome get totally blinded by the MONEY. Then Here YOU WHO GIVES GIVES GIVES…THANK YOU


  5. Another great video Lindsay. You inspired me to carve something. I always loved carving stamps. Theresa Collin’s Stampmaker is made by another company, Photocentric. I guess there is alternative to all the supplies you need to buy. I have been eyeing one too. -lylacfey at SCS.


  6. Yes I would love to see more stamp carving or stamp making tutorials


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