50% off Everything at Lindsay’s {and cute shoes!}

Howdy folks! I know the holidays are busy so with that in mind I want to have a sale you can use NOW when you really need it! Most of the products I sell at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff are designed for crafters so they can make beautiful things to give as gifts or even sell. That’s why I am having a sale NOW at the beginning of the month so you can get a great deal and still have time to spend on handmade cards, gifts and packaging and maybe make a craft or two with the kids. So hop on over to save 50% off everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff now through Sunday:

I wanted to share a cute ornament idea made Design Team member Diane Bove using my 3-D High Heel Shoe Template:

Now that is my kind of tree! These would be adorable craft fair items too…infact if I get a minute between now and Saturday I might just whip up a few to have in my craft fair!

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet today! Don’t forget 50% off at Lindsay’s now through Sunday and til next time happy crafting!


4 Responses

  1. I love Diane’s shoes too! Good luck with the craft fair!


  2. Thanks Lindsay for showing the shoes I made with your set. It was so easy to work with, cut like butter, and really easy to re-size too!


  3. These are about the cutest shoes I’ve ever seen! Usually paper shoes look “boxy” but these look very realistic!


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