Recycled Pajama Craft!

I love cute Christmas jammies! my twins get several pairs of cute flannel PJ sets each winter but all too soon they are outgrown. I had thought of making a quilt with them {but I don’t quilt} then I thought of recycling them into something really useful. Hot/Cold packs! They make great gifts too!

I keep one in the freezer and one on top of the microwave. They are the best heating pad ever! I nuke my heating pack in the microwave for 2 minutes and it is the best for sore back. I also keep one in the freezer ready to go for applying to the bumps and scrapes of everyday life with young daredevils 😉 Here is how to turn an outgrown pair of kids’ pajamas into hot/cold packs. You get 2 heat packs and 2 covers from 1 pair of PJ bottoms!

It is quick, easy and useful! And moms, the next time you child has an earache and you give her one of these hot packs (heated for 1 minute) you will thank me. Make sure you slip the hot packs inside the washable cover and they will last for years. BTW, if you buy rice/corn packs online or at a craft fair you can expect to pay $10-$30. How do you like me now? 😉 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. I LOVE THESE! I have made them from cotton tea towels, but never thought of pj’s, great idea!!
    Thanks ever so much:)


  2. Love it!!! I have some pj’s left that were barely worn, that the fabric was so cute and soft, I just knew there was something useful to do with them!!! Thank you for the great idea!!!


  3. That is creative! Those are nicely done, and you’re right it saves a lot of money too. I have some free time today, so was planning on sewing. I’ll think I’ll whip up a few of these, while I make outfits for my daughters Monster High dolls. 😉

    I’ve recyled one of my eight year old daughters pajamas into a heart shaped pillow. Five years later, she still sleeps with it. It’s seen numerous washings. 🙂

    Speaking of quilting…
    I recently got back into that. One of my long term projects is to make her an heirloom quilt. I’ll be adding pictures of her, family, friends, onto the quilt. I never knew you could add photos to a quilt, until I stumbled upon that on a quilting blog.


  4. Love this idea and it looks so easy!


  5. WONDERFUL idea!! I know these work really well. My husband used one quite a bit a while back! And they DO run a LOT of money! Thanks for sharing! I also have heard of adding a little lavender or other scents to the inside before sewing it together! The heat brings out the smell!!


  6. Great idea Lindsay!!!


  7. You are having fun and thanks for popping over to my blog and saying hi too – love this idea Shaz in oz.x


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