Frugalcrafter Podcast Episode #1: Ask a Crafter

Howdy folks! I am so excited, today I have my very first crafty radio show for you to listen to! I answered the questions that came to me on my blog and through email and I have answered them for you today! So, if you can stand hearing me gab for 23 minutes straight have a listen:

If the above player is not working you can listen here.

 As promised I have the envelope tutorial I mentioned in the podcast:

Here is a very easy way to make a custom envelope with your cricut using either SCALor Design Studio. all you need to do is take 2 rounded rectangles (make sure you check “weld” on each shape you use) and overlay them like this:

An easy way to make an envelope in DS or SCAL!

On the envelope I made here I did that but also I welded a label shape to the flap to fancy it up a bit:)


I know it is easy to do but You can download my envelopes if you like. They are sized to make a 5.5″x5.5″ envelope but you can simply drag them to the size you need.

Download a scut file to cut with your cricut and any version of scal here. *note this is a plain flap envelope, you can shorten the vertical  flap and weld on a scallop or fancy shape if you wish.

Download a cut file if you have a Cricut and Design Studio and the George cartridge. There are 3 envelopes in this file, each on separate layers, The first layer only used George, the other two also use accent essentials, there is a fancy flap one like the envelope pictured and a scallop flap one. these make 5.5″ square envelopes but you can adjust them as needed:)

I’d love your comments, tell me what you think, just leave a comment on this post or email me at

Next Friday on the podcast we will be talking about homemade gifts for the holidays so if you have a great handmade gift idea let me know and I’ll feature it on the show! As always I’ll answer any of your crafty comments too. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. What a easy way to create an envelope. Awesome…. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Awesome podcast Lindsay! Loved it and it was so nice to listen while I worked in my craftroom this AM. Can’t wait for next weeks!


  3. How did you do the bracket birthday card, it is really cute?


    • Hi Beverly, That is just an envelope I put a birthday card in, on the top flap of the envelope I cut a fancy edge instead of a strait edge, that’s all, easy huh?


  4. I thought you couldn’t use a Cricut with SCAL 3? I got all excited the day I learned you could use SCAL with a Cricut and then I found out that Cricut got all legal on everyone and shut down all third party software earlier this year… if there is a work-around I’d love to hear it!


    • Amy, you are correct, you cannot use scal 3 with Cricut, if you have scal1 or scal2 you can always use them. It is such a bummer. sorry to get your hopes up:(


  5. This podcast sounded awesome! It’s so clear and I can’t wait for the Holiday crafty ideas for next time 🙂


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