Stamp Wheel Storage!

I am a collector of stamp wheels…you know like the Rollagraph and Stampin’ Around Wheels. I am lured into buying them imagining all of the lovely borders and backgrounds I will make and of course all the handmade wrapping paper I will stamp. Yeah right! I had all of my wheel stamps in a drawer and, well, out of sight-out of mind. So, now I am going from “Stamp Wheel Collector” to “Stamp Wheel User!” with this nifty {and thrifty} stamp wheel holder:

I got my inspiration for a sewing spool holder I saw in Martha Stewart’s Good Things for Organizing book. It was basically a board with dowels drilled into it and it looked fairly simple to make. Hubby said he would make it for me. Then I got looking at this old calendar holder (it is basically like a wooden frame with a Maronite backing board made to stick calendars in) and I started laying out my wheels on it. I showed my honey the frame and he screwed a piece of 3/4″  thick plywood to the backing board and pounded nails in from the back, we got 9 rows of 5 so that is storage for 45 stamp wheels! OR I can consolidate and put 3 builder wheels to a nail. I think I will make sure I actually use these a few dozen times before I let myself buy any more though!  😉

The best thing is that the frame was FREE! my MIL did not want it and we put it in our yard sale and it did not sell (priced at $1) and I kept it…I sent all the other leftovers to goodwill so how lucky is that!?!

I have been on an organizing kick lately…Saturday morning I wandered into my craftroom bound and determined to squeeze a little more storage into my stamp wall. I got this fab shelf at a yard sale for $5 (no kidding and the lady had quite a few of these shelves, I kick myself every day that I did not buy another one) and it held about 300 stamps. It is roughly 4′ wide x 6′ high. I had a shelf full of SU! stamps in their clamshell boxes that I was (Surprise!!!) not using because I could not see them. So I raided hubby’s scrap wood bin, my son’s box of building blocks and a box in the garage full of leftover ballasts from out new porch project this summer that were headed for the dump. Score one for planet Earth! And I used the mish-mash of 1″x1″ ballasts, blocks and wood scraps to make risers on some of the shelves literally doubling my storage for smaller stamps. Notice the arrow on the top of the pic, this shelf is so  skinny I had to tie it to the ceiling beam t be sure it would not fall over if one of my kids ran into it on a scooter (it’s happened.)

I even got all of my Christmas wood mounted stamps on the shelves. I put them on the bottom shelves because I don’t use them everyday. I loosely organized my stamps ont he shelf by theme: Occasion, nature, vintage, background, Christmas etc. I still have some room to grow too but I do not buy many wood mount stamps these days. I usually prefer unmounted rubber and I store them mainly in 3-ring binders. I have about 15 binders that sit on a shelf over my workbench and on the shelf above my binders is this:

Remember the printer’s tray I found at a yard sale last month in my “Jenga block stamp mount” post? Well, I found two more trays just like them and I put all (well almost all) of my alphabet and sentiment stamps in there. Then I cut some of the Jenga blocks in thirds and mounted some tiny postage and postmark stamps that I gout years ago and never used (cuz I couldn’t see them!) and popped them in the trays as well. There are a few miscellaneous small stamps in there that I was afraid would get lost on the big shelf. Here is a close up.

Sorry the pictures are not the best, I had to use a flash but you get the idea. Now that I feel properly organized I feel ready to stamp up  a storm! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 Responses

  1. Wow, what a room, I love the way you are organizing things……I organize and then I mess it up by looking for something!


  2. This looks FANTASTIC!!!!


  3. Wow, I’m inspired to stamp just by looking at how easy to pick one when you need it! That is just amazing! Now what’s it going to take to talk you into a trip to NH to do my room? LOL!


    • I’d love too Dee, I come to Glen NH every summer to take the kids to Storyland, then again I don’t think Hubby would be too thrilled if I spent our vacation organizing someones stamp room LOL!


  4. I notice that you put your stamps on the shelf at an angle to save space. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. one day when I get crazy enough to redo my stamp shelves I’m going to put my wood mounted stamps on an angle like that.

    Also, thank you so much for the many money saving tips you share on your blog. I really appreciate them.


  5. Jeepers! You are fabulously organized…wow!


  6. And I thought I had lots of stamps! I think you’ve got me beat by the mile! I have one of those calendar frames too and I found an old metal refrigerator shelves that I was going to fasten to it, but I like your idea for the rollergraph wheels instead. I have mine at the moment in a spice rack fastened to a shoe dolly. Here’s how I store my stamps =


  7. WOW! You have the most wonderful organizational tips and these look fantastic. I’d love to be able to see all my lovely stamps at a glace but alas my room is only 5’ X 5’. Sadly I see un-mounting in my future.
    I love that you get down and dirty and do things for yourself. I hate when I hear young healthy women waiting, sometimes for years, to get hubby to do things for them. I’m in my sixties and I’ve built all my own shelves etc. You go girl!
    Blessings Bernie


  8. always loved your room


  9. ok, when you said you found these shelves at a yard sale are talking about the WHOLE thing…. why can’t I find great finds like that around here……. and WOW you definitely have a lot of stamps, lol. I’ve been down sizing no room and like you out of sight out of mind…. sadly.


  10. Wow! that’s a lot of stamps! So organized too. I’m like Micki, I never find neat things like that at a yard sale or thrift store.


  11. You are looking so organised, I love your shelves and printers trays.
    I also store my stamps in a very similar way, with a riser on the back of the narrow shelves to give me more space and to be able to see all of the stamps on the shelf.
    Have fun creating.


  12. Ohmygosh-I wanna come stamp at your house! Wow-you have a ton of stamps! Great organization post!


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