A laid-back kind of Saturday…

I have to say I love a rainy Saturday! No guilt about lounging around your house in your jammies till noon and making some jewelry, sorting your craft supplies and listing to an audio book while your kids make Barbie swimming pools in the kitchen sink. Oh and did I mention the guilt free naps? Rainy Saturdays are all about the guilt free napping because it’s not like you are going to mow the lawn.  I want to share a pretty bracelet that my 7-year-old daughter Lila made today:

I love the colors and sparkle! The beads are plastic so it is lighter than it looks and it was strung on monofilament (AKA fishing line) and secured with a square knot.

TIP: use a dab of crazy glue on the knot to keep it tied tight!

She made the clip-on earrings by gluing a square rhinestone on a clip-on earring blank. The rhinestone was colored to match with alcohol markers. We used Perfect Glue for Crafts to adhere it, it is thick, non smelly and sets up in 10 minutes. The clip earring findings are inexpensive {Darice brand} but they are so much better than the cheap plastic dress-up jewelery out there, these will not break under “normal” conditions 🙂

Here is a necklace and earring set I made yesterday.


I made the focal bead too. I used my Fuseworks kiln (it works in the microwave and melts glass, it is incredible!) to melt together two pieces of glass.  To learn more about the Fuseworks kiln see this post.

Tip: to make a hole in a fused glass bead simply lay a thin strip of thick kiln paper (available at a stained glass shop) between the layers of glass. I think next time I will make sure it is not behind a clear layer so it can be hidden but live and learn 🙂

I hope you are having a nice weekend. I took a camera class at Adult Ed this week and I am trying to adapt some of the skills I learned to my photography, I think the jewelery looks pretty good but if I learned one thing it is that I have a lot to learn LOL! That is what’s great about life, you can learn something new everyday! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!