Confessions of a craft-aholic….

OK lovely blog readers, it is confession time, I have not been very frugal lately. Well, I have gotten some great deals, don’t get me wrong, but 50% off is still 50% on and I need to stop shopping! Now do not worry, I didn’t charge anything, I am not in debt and there is food on the table, just for me I am feeling a bit excessive and I thought I’d share it with my readers so they know I am not virtuous¬†all the time ūüôā Case in point, I had resisted this Papertrey¬†ink set for about…well since it was realeased…and one late night in July I could resist no more and picked it up along with 2 other set’s I had my eye on. Yep, full price (I did get free shipping tho!) so I decided I better use them by golly! I decided the best way to break this set in would be to make a batch of christmas cards. I tend to do about 8 small batches of cards rather than 70 cards the same because after about 10 on the same design I have had it LOL! BTW the set I am using is Button Botique..isn’t it fabulous?


So, these were a snap to make and I think they are very cute. I used some crocheted snowflakes I have had kicking around for years, they did not sell at my yard sale so I kept them-everything else went to charity. I sprayed them with walnut ink and poked a wee hole in the card and slid the handing string through so the ornament can be hung on the tree.


The buttons and card are from Papertrey Ink and the music background (love it!) is a Hero Arts cling stamp.

Well, I feel better now I have confessed my indiscretions. I think I will make jewelery today. Two of my kiddos are feeling sick so some quiet time around the coffee table with beads will be just the thing I think! Til next time happy crafting!

I used vintage sheet music on this card, you can find books of vintage music at thrist/junk/antique shops for a song (no pun inteded) of search "free vintage sheet music" and find some free to print!

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