Video! Airbrushing for Crafters!

The kids are back in school so that means I have time to shoot that airbrushing video I’ve been promising all last month 😉 I have to say that I have become addicted to using my new Letrajet Air Marker and today I am going to show you how easy it is to use. I used it to color the background on this card today:

Credits: Frankenstien focal digital stamp (Lindsay's Stamp Stuff), Bats, lampost, small frankenstien head (inkadinkado), sentiment (Hampton Art)

 Frankenstein digistamp from the Halloween Doodles set: Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff.

The thing I really like about the LetraJet Air Marker is that I can turn each of my Promarkers or Aqua Markers into an airbrush just by snapping them in. Also, it is only about $30, so MUCH cheaper than a conventional airbrush or other  marker airbrush. If $30 is still out of your budget don’t worry, I have some cheaper airbrush tools you can get for a song and a stroll down the kids craft aisle. Ready? Let’s paint!

If you want more Letrajet air marker tips check out this post.

Here are the other samples from the video if you want a closer look:

And I colored this entire card with my airbrush. It was easy, you stamp your focal image on a scrap of paper (I used Post-it notes) and place the tube mask over the tube on your cardstock and spray the background then place the background mask on and remove the tube mask and color the tube. A card colored in seconds! Nice!

The clockhand die cuts are from Steampunk SVG kit from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff.

I had a viewer comment that some of my captions were hard to read in the past so I am hoping the blue box in the background makes it a bit easier, let me know what you think 😉 Have a great day & Happy Crafting!


5 Responses

  1. Great video Lindsay! I had no idea it was so easy, thanks for sharing. Love the cards you made too.


  2. Great video! I am in the middle of a project that I need to airbrush, so your tips are a huge help to me. TFS


  3. Great videos Lindsey! Thanks
    I just got the letrajet air marker system and tried it with a can if air and love it but of course now I want to hook it to a compressor to save some $$ on canned air.
    How did you hook it to your compressor? I tried it with a hobby compressor by removing the black “can adaptor” and just screwing the small thread to my compressor hose (approx 40psi output) but am getting very weird results and not the same nice soft look I was getting with the canned air.. What psi do you use? Do you have the black adaptor off or did you hook that to the compressor too?


    • I do not have the can adaptor on. On the end of the tube is the large standard female end. I have a brass coupler on my air compressor (I think it came with it because the place you import your tubes is female) to connect the standard end on the letrajet air. It works out because it is the same size that the cord from my Paschee airbrush uses. I don’t know about PSI, I fill the tank, shut off the machine and can spray for a while, I think the trigger controls the flow of air.


      • Thanks so much for your reply. I tried again after reading your reply since that is how I had it connected. I grabbed a different selection of colours though and after playing some more I discovered that the markers are just slightly different lengths to the nib tip so I was getting a weird splatter effect and then nothing on some because they were completely blocking the airflow. I pulled them back just a touch and am getting great results again.

        Thanks again. I just love your posts!


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