Enjoy the Journey {and craft something!}

Happy Saturday! Here it is noon-time and I am still in my jammies, I have been crafting all morning with the kids and the household has been very peaceful. I recently re-arranged my craft room and found all sorts of treasures I had forgotten about. there is something about moving stuff around that makes it fresh and new all over again. I made this card today using a SU! set that I bought last year (and only stamped once-oh the shame!) and my I-Top brad maker that I got as a gift last year and forgot about (double the shame) and the paper was actually scraps lying next to my paper trimmer ready for the garbage. You see, the scraps were too small to file away but too pretty to toss so I made this card:


I don’t know about you but I love creating a card from scraps that would otherwise be tossed in the recycle bin, it makes me feel so resourceful!

So, as I was saying about the re-arranging of your spaces, here are some reasons to do it from time to time:

  1. You will have different supplies at eye level, it will make them more convenient to use. It will also be inspiring because you won’t be looking at the same old junk…er, I mean treasures everyday.
  2. A reorganized craft room will make you want to create and also because everything looks nice and is so handy you will want to creat more! C’mon, if your craft area is a dumpy corner of a guest bedroom how inspiring is that? Spruce it up girl, you are a crafter, you have the skills!
  3. Stores do this and they call it merchandising, even if they have no new product they move stuff around so it looks new to their customers, think of you craft room as a cute shop where you can get anything you want, how fun!
  4. You deserve this. Fix up your craft area, even if it is just a card table in the corner with some plastic carts shoved underneath. You can always add a table-cloth and a cute tool caddy (cover some soup cans with pretty paper-you don’t need to buy something new) and make it a space you want to be. There is no excuse folks;) If I can make a corner of my unfinished basement a retreat you can work with what you’ve got too!

Thanks for listening to may rant. Maybe you can find a couple spare hours to spruce up your craft area this weekend, if the kids are underfoot set them down with beads and string and they will learn to love your craft area as much as you do! Plus if the kids are busy crafting than mommy can get some crafting time in too. Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Gee, you read my mind! I am taking my scraps and looking them over for new projects and my room is getting cleaner all the time.
    Check out my new baby brag book at my blog.
    I did work on 2 altered canvas wall hangings, but they aren’t up yet. I’m lovin the flow of ideas!


  2. I recently converted a bedroom to a “craft/computer” room. I thought I had unmounted all my wooden stamps. Surprise…….I have quite a few more to do. It was like going shopping. I had totally forgotten about these stamps. I found other things I didn’t realize I had. We do tend to impulse buy, forget what we have, and even duplicate. I think organizing might help with that – lol.


  3. Pretty card and I admire the way you use your scarps so efficiently, thanks for the inspiration.


  4. I’m in the process of moving from a walk in closet to a room that has been emptied due to my son going to college:) We just finished painting yesterday. I am now working on my color station and have had lots of surprises in finding stuff I had forgotten. LOL I can’t wait until the whole room is finished. You can check out the color of my new space on the blog. More to come:) Back to building furniture:)



  5. Always love your inspiration Lindsay! Glad you had a good day!
    Patty G. in NJ


  6. I love the card and love that you used scraps to make it. It always feel so good when I can do that. I’ve just done a marathon re-organization of my space. I took everything out and went thru every item before putting it back in. Amazing how much I had been hoarding but I found a good home for it all. Big job but so well worth it. I love the end result. On the other hand I absolutely HATE when stores do it. I can find everything in my space but I can’t find a darn thing in the stores.
    Blessings Bernie


  7. […] Frugal Crafter about WHY you should clean up and organize your craft room.  It’s brief but worth a look.  Having spend some time finally sorting out my mountain of scraps, I can see the sense in what […]


  8. […] Frugal Crafter about WHY you should clean up and organize your craft room.  It’s brief but worth a look.  Having spend some time finally sorting out my mountain of scraps, I can see the sense in what […]


  9. Lindsay – you are so right! I am in the process of unmounting all my SU stamps sets and reorganizing my space. I’ve reacquainted myself with tons of stamps that haven’t seen the light of day in ages, one of them being the set you used today. I can hardly wait to get started stamping again in my newly organized studio.


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