Why the frog on the cupcake? {and a storage tip!}

I love making a custom card or tag the reflects the unique personality of the recipient. This tag was for my neighbor’s son on his 6th birthday, he is really into frogs:

I used the stamps Ribbit (Frog & Mushroom), Soda Pop Alpha (2 sizes), Vintage Cupcake, Carnival Alpha ( Small) and the little tag hole enforcer thingie is from Holly & Mistletoe. All stamps are from Pink Persimmon. I colored the image with my Promarkers.

Stamping tip: When you are stamping a word (like I did with the name “Brennon”) and you want it centered start by stamping the middle letter (in this case “n”) and work out from there, perfectly centered every time!

Storage Tip: Look for spice racks at yard sales, the bottles are perfect for storing buttons by color and they are so pretty sitting on your craft table!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!