More Cricut Crap {here’s the latest…}

OK I don’t mean to sound negative but every day I get more and more disgusted with Provo Craft (My personal ban on buying provocraft products since they sued Sure Cuts a Lot is saving me a mint BTW.) So, I told you a few weeks ago that Make the Cut and SCAL had removed cricut compatibility from the current versions of their software and if you did not have software to cut fonts and svg files with your cricut already your only option was Fairy Cut (you can read my review of this software here), well, it looks like they bullied the Fairy Cut folks too and on June 16th they are removing the Cricut drivers from their software and they are urging all of their customers to back up their software and save their email with their registration code in a  safe place so they will still be able to use the software with their cricut after the 16th. You can read the full story on the Fairy Cut blog.

I am so disappointed in the way ProvoCraft/Cricut has handled this whole situation. I do not like any company telling me how I can use a machine I bought and paid for. It would be like HP saying I can’t use Kodak paper or Cannon software to print my photos, it is crazy! It is funny I saw a Silhouette SD machine on sale at for about $180 (which is far less than my cricut machines cost!) and you can cut what you want with it. I am so tempted in buying one but my Cricut still works fine and I am lucky to have working versions of SCAL, SCAL2 and Fairy Cut so I am not limited to Cricuts “offerings”.

But maybe you could win a Silhouette SD Machine and cut whatever you want with no worries, check out the awesome giveaway from Mygrafico:

Check out their Facebook page to enter, this is a great giveaway and I’d love to see you win it! If anyone had a Silhouette machine and wants to share their opinion on it please leave a comment, I want to be well-informed when my Cricut bites the dust 🙂 I’m still going to use my cricut (and other PC products tat I already own) after all they are bought and paid for but I will use them how I want and I will not buy more from those bullies, there are plenty of options for my crafting dollar.

OK thanks for listening to yet another Cricut Rant 😀 Good luck in the contest and til next time happy crafting!

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