Are you mad for markers?

Hiya folks! I just wanted to tell you that an article I worked on and researched for months is finally out in the July 2011 issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine!

SSA July 2011

I reviewed 12 brands of markers (t’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it…) and rated them spreadsheet style on factors such as price, unique features, color range, medium (alcohol, watercolor, xylene, India ink), workability, nibs and whether they are refillable or not. Also there are tips on how best to use each type of marker. So if you are in the market for ew markers or just want to get more use out of the ones you have I hope you will give my article a read, it is on newsstands now or you can order a copy from Scott Publications.

Thanks for listening to me toot my own horn (what’s new, right!?!) and til next time happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. Congrats Lindsay, I am so proud of you!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS, LINDSAY. The article appears to be one of those you keep for reference. We all seem to have our favorites and some go and return later down the road, like Tria. LePlume was another favorite of mine; interesting how things change based on advertising and current trends.


  3. Oh, goody! Sounds awesome, I’m going to have to get me a copy. My copics are great but getting way to pricey. :~)


  4. Oh, good job! I found a page to order just that issue and cannot wait for it to arrive. xoxo


  5. That is one helpful article to read…….I have to get it! I am currently working with Tombows and put another technique, which I found online, on my blog. I’m loving the Tombows! Please check me out.
    I also got asked by my daughter-in-law for 3 cards, which she wants to use as a gift. Pictures of these are on my blog too, in the selling section (first 3 cards).


  6. Congratulations, Lindsay! I saw the article when I picked up the magazine last week while on vacation in Tennessee. I’ll be keeping it along with your article comparing the different kinds of papers for Copics. Tres useful!


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