Simple Stamping {for the teacher!}

First of all today I have an announcement to make…..{please pause for drumroll and fanfare}…….ahem, OK…Get this, I was picked to be on the Pink Persimmon Creative Team! Yahoo! I was asked to be an “Education Specialist” that is fancy for “I’ll make videos and show ya how to do crafty stuff”  🙂 But, pssst, that’s not all {I say in a hushed whisper} I will be designing some exclusive rubber stamps for them too!  In the meantime tho I’ll be bringing you some fun projects with the stamps currently in the Pink Persimmon catalog. Here is a fun teacher’s gift set I made with a few Pink Persimmon stamp sets:

This is a dry erase board {made from a 8.5″x11″ document frame with glass from the dollar store} for one of my daughter’s teachers. To make this I simply stamped 5 banners from the Small Banner Set in the corner of a 7.5″x10″ sheet of lightly patterned cream paper and over stamped the word “notes” using the Carnival small alpha set. I stamped the Wise Old Owl in the corner with the same color inks. I added some filler stars from the Little Red Wagon set too. Since this is all flat stamping I stamped directly on pattern paper to unify the piece. Then I mounted that stamped paper onto a 8.5″x11″ coordinating pattern. I added a brass eye-hook to the side of the frame so I could tie on a dry erase marker with “abc” patterned twill tape.(the ribbon is tied to the cap so it is easy to remove the marker part for writing.) The “Mrs Wood’s” text was stamped with the Small Soda Pop alpha, I love how well the cursive letters line up!

Here is a picture of the stamping before I put it under glass:

What I love most about these stamps is how quickly you can pull a project together. Since I used mostly solid image stamps no coloring was involved making it a quick and fun project. My kids are excited to make some more of these sets for their teachers this year.

I used the scraps from the dry erase board to cover a clean tin can then I stamped more banners and glued them on along with some more patterned twill tape. I used a safety can opener to remove the lid from the can so the edges were not sharp.

Lastly I thought it would be fun to make some cute clips. I think these would be handy for flagging pages in their assignment books or to use as a book mark. I loved the offset scallop pattern from the tummy of the Wise Old Owl so I stamped some on a cream scrap and used a 1″ circle punch to cut them out and over-stamped numbers from the Large Soda Pop alpha set and glued them to large paper clips. I glued circles punched from patterned paper scraps on the back so you wouldn’t see my gobs of hot glue 😀 Wanna know something else cool? The frame, dry erase markers (4 in a pack) and paper clips are all from the dollar store, add in a recycled can and you have a groovy gift for little dinero! Also I used 2 sheets of paper (and a few scraps) from Autumn Leaves.

***Edited to add: I realize that you might not know how this is a dry-erase board {and I didn’t think to snap a photo of the board with a note written on it} well, the glass on the front of the stamped paper in the frame will work just like a dry-erase board. I left the center of the stamped picture plain so the teacher can write notes there like this:

I hope that makes sense 😀

So, do you want to meet the other new Pink Persimmon CT gals? Check out the links to their blog on my left-hand sidebar. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


17 Responses

  1. Very nice!


  2. Congratulations Lindsay, I know you will do well, they are so lucky to have you! Love the dry erase board, so very clever!


  3. Oh my gosh Lindsay you rock! You have such a creatively clever mind,


  4. oh how fun & nice gift set!! I like your blog. I like all the different things you do, incld. fingernails! I signed up for e-mail 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog, and nice “meeting” you at Gingersnap! 🙂


  5. Congratulations! Great reward for all of your effort.


  6. Wooowhooo!! You go girl! I can’t wait to see your designs in stamps. You don’t know this but I have been a fan of your images for a while and own some of your digi sets! This is such a fun and creative projects. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with Lindsay! Have a blessed day, Melisa


  7. I love it all, but the paperclips and pencil cup are just perfect. Such a fun set for someone special!


  8. So COOL! I can’t wait to be influenced by your style and frugal-ness!



  9. Okay, I’m confused. (But, first, let me say, gorgeous creations and I too love PP stamps, so congrats to you). My confusion surrounds the dry-erase board. Did you frame the board or did it come that way? And, is that patterned paper behind your owl sheet? I guess I’m not seeing a d-e board and while it is not as pretty as your arties, not seeing the bare thing at some point is blocking my understanding of this project somewhat…


    • Hi Aimeslee,
      You write on the glass of the frame, glass will work just like the smooth surface of the dry erase board. I stamped on slightly patterned paper (autumn leaves) and the just put it in the frame so the teacher can simply write on the picture glass…does that make sense? I think I will write a note on the board and post that too…I should have done that to begin with. Sorry for the confusion:)


  10. Congratulations! 🙂 Cannot wait to be your “student” 🙂


  11. Whooo hoo! I am so excited to learn from you!!! I’m taking notes, that’s for sure and I can’t wait to see what you design for PP too!!! I love your project! So fun and creative!! You totally rock!


  12. Awesome description, Lindsay, I completely understand now! Thanks!!!! xoxoxo


  13. I am a lover of all things dry erase…markers, boards, etc. My kids travel with them frequently. This is an absolutely practical and ADORABLE gift. Love the that it is so cost effective too.



  14. Congratulations!! You are the perfect lady for this as you are so blessed with an abundance of creativity! Your dry erase board, pencil holder and clips are so beautiful!

    Have a great day!


  15. Cool idea and what a great gift! Congrats too!


  16. Great job! Here’s to more inspiration to come!


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