Fun with stamps and spray ink!

Howdy! Today is Saturday and I am getting ready for a day of face painting and crafting at the Parent Teacher Groups Spring Fair but first I want share a fun card to make and a few crafty tips! When I saw the challenge at the Papertrey Ink blog I had to play along. They challenged up to make spray ink. I misted the kraft cardstock with gold {homemade} spray ink and the ribbon was dies with spray ink too:

I mixed gold pearl-ex, water and a wee bit of gum arabic in mini spray bottle and sprayed my cardstock them ran it through my BigShot in an embossing folder. I thought I would be cleaning ink out of the nooks and crannies of my EB folder after that but amazingly it seemed to all stick to the paper. After the trip through the embossing machine the cardstock felt flimsy so I needed to re-enforce it with other paper, I chose a double-sided cardstock from K&Co and since I hate to see one side of the pretty paper covered up I freehand cut a fancy edge to revel some of the paper below.

and here is the inside:

  • Tip: to make a fancy symmetrical edge on a card simply cut one side and that the cutaway piece and line it up on the other side and trace it then cut on that line for a perfectly mirrored shape!

I also used homemade spray ink in a few colors to die my seam binding (I have rolls of this stuff in white and natural and I dye it as needed to match my cards. Just mix some water and a few drops of re-inker or watercolor in a spray bottle, shake and spray! I use a heat gun to quickly dry my ribbon. I also made my own stick pin by placing a drop of glue on the pin near the head and sliding on a bead. A great way to use up leftovers!

Whenever possible I like to either make a matching envelope or decorate a store-bought one. I cut a scrap of paper I used on the inside of the card to fit the flap and stamped butterflies and dots from Papertrey Ink on the envie, it makes the card all the more special don’t you think?

Well that’s it for today, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Fun with stamps and spray ink!

  1. I love the design and colors. I made my own spray using the pearl-ex powders, a few drops of the Andirock ink and hairspray. However, some of my misters become clogged. Any suggestions on how to clear the misters? I I have to toss the solution, it might be cheaper to buy the glitter mists.


    1. Hi Louise, Don’t toss the ink! Here is what you do (I hadn’t used mine in a while and they clogged up)
      1. Fill a bowl with HOT tap water. and pull off the little sprayer tops and place in to soak.
      2. Use a strait pin (or pointy part of a safety-pin) and poke it down the tube of the sprayer. If you are looking at the spray bottle with the spray cap pulled off you can see it sticking out of the top.
      3. Take the cap out of the hot water and poke the pin through the opening on the side where the mist comes out.

      Now it is important when you use your mist not to shake it up and down, that will clog the sprayer, instead swirl the spray bottle like you are ringing a bell. The ink will get mixed well and you will not force the pearl-ex into the sprayer.

      If it is still clogged after that you might need to unscrew the sprayer and soak the whole thing (like you did the spray caps) then follow ip with the pin again:)


  2. I’m so glad that I signed up for your updates, this card is gorgeous as is the matching envelope. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. New problem with my homemade glitter mists. Why does spray mist so eratic? It is not an even mist but rather blotchy. Not all my sprays do this but just a couple. What am I doing wrong?


    1. Hi Louse,
      The first couple sprays might be a little blotchy, I might spray on a scrap paper first to check. It can happen if there is a clog and the liquid that pushes through the clog makes a splotch so it is likly to happen if you haven’t used them in a while. Also some spray bottles are finer than others. I use regular travel size bottles but you might just buy travel size hairspray labeled “fine mist” or something and dump out a wee bit and add your color and pearl ex right to it as the hairspray will act as a binder. Also I have found that some of the pearl-ex colors are too chunky, I have a copper for instance that will not spray at all, the powder is just not fine enough. With a little dectective work you will fiqure out what is up with your homemade mists:)


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