Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask Provocraft (the makers of Cricut) to stop suing everybody?!? Geez Louise! Can’t we all just get along? I am among the vast group of users who wanted a Cricut because I could cut fonts and designs with Sure Cuts A Lot software. Here on this layout I used a die cut from the Summer in Paris Cart AND a die cut from the Good Company doodlebat font from Lettering Delights (on sale for $1 BTW)  the chandelier I cut with SCAL and the Eiffel Tower I cut with a cartridge. I think they go together like peanut butter and Jelly.

Also is it too much to ask to have a photo of me and my husband looking at the camera? Yep, about the same chance as PC not suing anyone LOL!

Provo Craft is now suing SCAL after a lawsuit they won against Make the Cut. If you are a Make the Cut user I strongly suggest you do not upgrade your software because MTC will have to disable the Cricut compatibility in the next upgrade.  If they win the lawsuit against SCAL they will also have to remove the cricut compatibility on future upgrades.  BUT if you already have it or if you buy SCAL now you will be OK, just don’t update it after.

Now, I have no complaint with my Cricuts (yes, Cricuts plural, I got the 0-bug for christmas 5 years ago and the expression after discovering SCAL in 2008) they both work like a dream, I use the “E” with scal and my Gypsy and lend my carts and O-bug to a friend who does not have one. They have received a tremendous amount of use and still work like a dream. The one time I had to reach customer service I sent an email (I heard the hold time was hours) and they sent me an email the next day-I had to replace my computer and I wanted to see if I could transfer my Design Studio software over so I would not have to buy it again and they released my serial number so I could, no questions asked. That was good service in my book. BUT I will not upgrade my DS or gypsy or try the new Cricut Craftroom that is due out next month out of fear that it might change my firmware and disable SCAL. I prefer SCAL to Design Studio any day, I wish they spent the $$ and time on developing better software rather then suing the companies who were making better software. Just my opinion.

There is even a facebook group called Boycott Provo Craft, people are really upset over this, many of the ladies are ready to dump their cricut and carts in Boston Harbor-OK I’m Kidding but they are rushing to sell them on EBAY and buy cutters that will work with outside software. I’m keeping my cricut, it is still going to work with SCAL and if it breaks some sad day then I will look at another brand.

So-How about some Money saving Cricut Tip? Yeah!

How to Sharpen your Cricut blades:

  1. Cover your mat with heavy-duty aluminum foil.
  2. Make sure your blade is in the machine as usual.
  3. Set your sped to min or 1 and pressure to low or 1.
  4. Cut some large letters, O’s and K’s are good as you get a lot of straight and curved lines. 4 or 5 large shapes should do the trick. The Eiffel tower cut was a test cut after sharpening an old dull blade.

Make your mats as good as new!

  1. Wash your mats with warm water, dish soap and a cotton dish rag. Scrub it well to remove all the paper lint, embossing powder and other grime that is attached. Air dry.
  2. If the mat is not as sticky as you like use quilter’s basting spray to make it more tacky. Use masking tape to protect the areas around the grid so you only make the cutting area sticky. You can do this without washing the mats too if you re in a pinch. I got a large aerosol can of the basting spray 2 years ago at Wal-Mart for about $7 and it is still mostly full. I bought 4 mats 2 years ago when I got my Expression and they are still going strong with this trick!
  3. Did you know that you can put the mat in backwards?  To further lengthen the life of the mat send the opposite end of the mat in first (one ends has the arrow and the other has the hang tab)

So, that is all I am going to say about the Cricut lawsuit business, if you want more info on this you can read a well written article on Scrapbook Update here and here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

P.S. I just wanted to show a close up of the crinkle seam binding, it is so easy to make, just dye white seam binding with reinker or watercolor, scrunch it up and let it dry. I used Hug-snug brand from


23 Responses

  1. Please add me to your mailing list.


  2. This is so VERY true! It really is a stupid move by PC, they’ve alienated so many happy customers. FYI there was a settlement with MTC out of court, aka, MTC didn’t have the cash like Provocraft to hire a horse team of evil lawyers. I think if enough people start buying the ecraft, cougar, silhouette…they will understand a great many of us like to have a choice.
    NOW to your tips and tricks…Tomorrow night I am so going to do the tinfoil trick….fabuLOUS!
    thanks for sharing…. but I just have to say I was so drunk at my wedding (no one would let me eat), I was wondering where the photographer was while I actually looked decent, all the pictures I have that google eyed, hair falling down NOT in sexy way, looking quite the disheveled bride.


    • oh no, hee hee, that is aweful but funny, I hope you got some good pics tho. This was at my nieces wedding last summer, I used the pic anyway because there are so few pictures of us-we are always behind the camera!


  3. I have are you saying DO NOT up date my cricut ..b/c that will block MTC….
    also I read in someones blog, they saw the mention of MTC was used in a project/card in he new cricut mag…if someone has the book to check it out….I would luv to know…
    fabulous tip too!!!!


    • Hi Cardchick,
      MTC has 30 days to remove the cricut capability in their software so the NEXT update will be the one blocking the cricut. You should be ok to update (and save a back-up copy with reg#) right now before the new version comes out but do not wait! Hopefully MTC will send out a warning email to their customers (if it is allowed) so no cricut users get shut out from using their software.


  4. Beautiful LO! I have both the cartridge and font set. I love them equally. I agree with you how each item goes together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. I bought Good Company because I thought it was a great companion piece to Summer In Paris.

    I am worried about SCAL too. I love my SCAL. I use MTC with my Gazelle. SCAL always will be my favorite cutting software. A little birdie told me Todd plans to fight it out. I think he has a good chance.


  5. when the first day facebook came out with boycott provocraft I went to bed at 300ish, now it it well over 1000. Wow so many unhappy people. I’m not getting rid of anything. I just won a new cricut and plan on using it till its dying day, but I am buying a new Ecaft. they are incorporating scal and MTC and no matts. OK buy me.


  6. So, how productive is it to sue everybody? If it’s about profits and the almighty dollar it seems to me the lawyers fees etc have to cost them a bundle.


    • well seeing that they scared MTC into settling out of court I don’t think it cost Cricut that much aside from hiring the legal team to file the case. A small company cannot afford to go against the mega-corporations espcailly ones owned by Bank of America. I hope SCAL gives them a run for their money!


  7. Love the layout and the photo Lindsay. PC thinks we are all millionaires. Their club costs $249 or $289 a year, and they give you a small discount and 2 carts along with the magazine (which I’ve heard is not all that good). I guess they will go after Gazelle and other competitors next. It’s a shame there is plenty of business to share.


  8. Can’t wait to try this out on my blades. TFS

    PS I signed up for your newsletter 🙂


  9. Love the layout, and the pic (even if you aren’t looking at the camera). 🙂 I don’t understand why PC thinks these programs will hurt their business. Are they going to start telling me next how I can’t use sizzix dies and embossing folders in my cuttlebug? I won’t rush out to sell my PC products, but I won’t be updating my stash either. Thanks for the great tips too.


  10. Your LO is gorgeous and all your tips are great. Thanks for energizing me with my crafting. Anita in OK


  11. What a beaugiful layout LIndsay. I too use my Cricut, carts and MTC AND SCAL, but when my Cricut dies, I will not get another one. Although I do have two Expressions and a baby bug, so maybe I can keep one E with the firmware and do the other one with the upgrade so I can use SCAL and MTC – what a brilliant idea I just had LOL!!

    PC could make so much more money if they would allow 3rd party software to be used with the Cricut because if there is a nice cart with wonderful images I still buy them.


  12. I agree with you! I won’t get rid of my Cricut since I need to cut with my Gypsy. Now I’m in the market for another cutting machine to use SCAL. Love your layout even if you’re not looking at the camera. 🙂


    • I would wait to see if they win the case, you might be just fine and as long as you don’y update anything your cricut and scal will still work.


  13. thanks for the tips! I’ll try sharpenning my blade soon!


  14. For those of you who don’t have a machine or are looking into getting a different machine. We carry the Gazelle and it will cut your SVG files. It works with MTC too. We have a bundle package going on at


  15. Thank you for the great tips!!


  16. Thanks for the blade and mat tips. I love SCAL too! Also, your layout is beautiful. I love the pink crinkled seam binding. I would never have thought of that.


  17. Just a correction: The lawsuit between Provocraft and MTC was settled. Provocraft didn’t win the lawsuit. Huge difference. You are talking about Ann and Andy (the creators of MTC) being sued by a big corporation. Who has the most money to spend on lawyers? So MTC settled. It does NOT in any way make PC the winner or correct in their allegations.


    • Thanks for the correction Kim, I did mention in the post that they settled out of court, it did not wqant to imply that Provo craft was right:)


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