Let the Good Times Roll!

WooHoo, it’s Mardi Gras time! Fat Tuesday is on March 8th (next week!) Even if you have no plans to visit the Big Easy this weekend it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Here is a Mardi Gras party project using Masquerade  Masks and Fun Favors SVG kits from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

I simply cut masquerade masks from “mirror” cardstock and glued them to chopsticks to make the masks and added a few feathers. I used the same SVG mask to make the place cards too. I rubber stamped the banner then used a brown ZIG calligraphy pen to write in the names, I inserted a feather in the top and was done.

The invitation was made from the included card and I layered the matching mask on top.

I used my Fleur-de-lis Cuttelbug embossing folder to emboss the invite mask and the favor cracker.

To keep my cupcakes simple I baked them in Colorful silicone wrappers and cut mini masks as toppers. Tip: After you arrange your main die cuts on your mat (in SCAL software) fill in the unused paper with the mini masks to use as cupcake toppers.

You could always keep with Mardi Gras tradition and make a “King Cake” in a round tube pan, after the cake is baked and cool slip a small trinket inside from the bottom (usually a small plastic baby) and then turn the cake out on a plate. Ice the cake and decorate it with green, gold and purple colored sugar. BTW the lucky person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket is obliged to buy the cake for the next celebration 🙂 This would be a fun treat for a kids party-just be sure the item is not a choking hazard.

This is what a traditional King Cake looks like.

You will need some New Orleans grub for a Mardi Gras Themed Party:




Red beans and Rice

Crawfish Etouffee

Beignets (and Chicory Coffee, YUM! I have q friend who brings me back the most amazing coffee from Cafe Du Monde from his trips to New Orleans-so strong-so good-LOVE IT!)

And you must have Hurricanes to drink 😀

Here is a look at the products I used from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

Masquerade Mask SVGFun Favors SVG

So whether you are planning to visit the Big Easy, or just take it easy this weekend consider a Mardi Gras theme for your next party and Let the GOOD times roll!

PS-If you want a good read check out Laura Childs’ “Scrapbooking Mysteries” series, I’ve read the first seven books, they are about a plucky scrapbook store owner turned amateur sleuth living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is light (and clean:) but 100% fun and scrapbooking tips and New Orleans recipes are included in each book. What can be better than a crime fighting scrapbooker? I can’t think of a thing! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting.

3 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll!

  1. lol, when I got the “cake” picture I literally had to do a 2nd look. I was like “oh yum that looks good”, lol. I love these masks, I actually tried to make one (testing) tonight but I’m going to start over tomorrow (too tired). As always, your projects are so creative and inspiring. Love the masks, the King Cake, but not so hot about the crawfish etouffe thing…. 🙂



  2. Oh this is so cute. And I love the Laura Childs scrapbooking series….although I’ve only read one. Can’t find them in my local stores or library.


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