Tutorial: Unmounting Stamps

I was rummaging around in one of my stamp drawers the other day and found a bucket of foam mounted stamps I got on sale for $2 at Target a year ago. I never used these little gems because a. I had to dump out the whole tub of stamps to find what I wanted and b. they are bits and pieces that are designed to mix and match and I couldn’t line them up properly because of the bulky foam mounts. So I decided I was going to unmount them so I would actually use them. I used them with some watercolor markers to make these cute lunchbox notes. I only used cardstock (and a scrap of thread-can you belive it!?) on these cards!

I colored on the stamps with watercolor markers before stamping. These were really fun and quick to create!

A lot of stampers have been unmounting their stamps (removing the rubber from the foam and wooden blocks) to save space. i like my wood mounted stamps most of the time but sometimes unmounted is better like when you need to see exactly where you are stamping.  Here’s how to unmount a stamp (this will work on any rubber stamps mounted to foam or wood) First use a heat gun to warm up the adhesive on the rubber. 

now peel the rubber die off the foam cushion.

Trim closely around the stamp.

Viola! these stamps are still sticky enough on the back to stick to my clear block. If your rubber is not sticky you can paint a thin layer of Aleen’s Tack it Over and Over glue on the back to you can re-stick them whenever you want or you can mount them on cling cushion. I just use the plain rubber and put a mouse pad under my cardstock when I stamp, it saves more space and money not having to buy and use the cling cushion.

Here you can see them stored in a  CD case.

As I said, I usually like my mounted stamps but sometimes the mounts get in the way. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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