How to fix an inkpad

If you are a stamper you have probably come across an ink pad that has come unattached from its base. I have had trouble with some of my colorbox Petal Point pads falling off. I decided to see if I could glue them back on and sure enough I can! This solution will work with any ink pad.

Your will need a bottle of original Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla glue is designed to work with foam and on damp surfaces so I thought it would be perfect to attach a juicy foam ink pad back to its base. Put a few small drops (it will expand as it dries) on the plastic base and press the pad back on top.

Let dry for an hour or two before using. If you can wait longer let it cure for 24 hours to be safe. Since most of the pads in this set had come loose I re-glued them all. I pulled them apart to dry incase the glue expanded over the edges, I did not want to have my bases stuck together. If that happens simply cut away the excess glue with a craft knife.

Now my Ink pad is a good as new!

Well, I am glad the weekend is here, this week had been a crazy rollercoaster and I’m glad it is done! In fact I’m thinking my luck may have changed as I went to the mailbox last night and found this:

Just Birthdays! Volume 2

I had two cards published in it! Woot!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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