Tips for Easy Entertaining!

Happy Friday folks ūüôā I’ve been thinking about party planning a lot lately, home birthday parties are all the rage right now, they are less expensive and more relaxing if you ask me!¬†I’ve really¬†been having a blast designing printable party packs, BTW they are all on sale along with everything else at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff through Sunday, why not stock up now?


I’ve also been thinking of ways to make my parties a little greener and more sustainable in the process. Here are some tips to make your parties easier, more elegant, more fun for the guests and less stressful for you!

Tip 1. Think Fabric! I used to run to the dollar store for plates, plastic tablecloths, utensils and napkins but no more! a couple of yards of fabric are all you need to make a reusable tablecloth and napkins!

  • To make a¬†tablecloth first measure the length and width of your party table. Take that measurement to the fabric store and subtract the width¬†of your¬†table from the width of the fabric you wish to buy, then add¬†the difference¬†to the length of your table plus¬†2″ inches for a hem and that is the length you need for your cloth. This assures that the table-cloth will have an equal overhang on each side. You only need to hem the cut edges (hence the additional 2″) because the woven edges (width) will not ravel. If you do not have a sewing machine you can use iron on hem tape.

  • Purchase an extra yard to make matching napkins.¬†Note: if the width of your fabric is only 44″ fold it in thirds both ways, you will have¬†9 napkins rather than 12 but they won’t be too small.

Tip: Use a "rolled hem" presser foot on your sewing machine when finishing the edges of napkins. It will make a tiny hem and you don't need to press it!


Choosing colors: There is no need to make linens in every color of the rainbow, think of the colors you use most often:

Red: Christmas, valentines, child’s birthday, 4th of July

Bright blue: Boy’s birthday, 4th of July, luau party, boy scouts

Pastel yellow: baby shower, girls party, Easter, Mother’s Day

  • A pastel yellow tablecloth with¬†napkins¬†in pastel shades of pink, blue,¬†lavender¬†and green would be¬†very versatile!

Kelly Green: Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s¬†Day, Christmas, Superbowl or other Sports Themed party, Girl Scouts

Think of colors you like best, you might prefer to have white tablecloths (that can be bleached) and an assortment of napkins. If you entertain outdoors a lot, a tablecloth made from wipe clean fabrics with elastic sides to fit your picnic table might be best. Think about how and where you entertain!

Tip 2. Use reusable dishes and tableware:

There is a reason caterers use white dishes. They will work with any color tablecloth, napkins, decorations and theme! As a bonus they are often less expensive than other ceramic¬†dishes, you can purchase white plates, bowls, saucers and cups individually¬†or in sets and use them for any occasion! Have a few extra sets of real¬†flatware too, they don’t have to be expensive and will be cheaper over time than plastic. A white ceramic cake stand and other accessories are also good to have on hand.

Speaking of cakestands…why not make your own? Step 6You can use mismatched plates and teacups or crystal stacked on top of each other to make a one-of a kind dessert stand great for a tea party, check out this tutorial from Cut out and Keep:

You can find lots of ideas online to make a great looking cupcake stand, another¬†tutorial I loved was from Joy’s Hope:

If you are entertaining at home why not use reusable silicone cupcake wrappers, they come in the most cheerful colors and shapes, all you need to do is add a cute cupcake topper {like I did for my pizza party last week} and you are done:

They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, fun!


OK now are you ready to party? Well then check out the party kits on sale now from Lindsay’s stamp Stuff:

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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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