New FREE Cricut software and SVG freebies too!

OK, the biggest deal in crafting is happening now, the CHA Winter show. I heard-tell of some new software that Cricut is releasing to work with all Cricut models-even the Imagine-and it is 100% free and online. I do not know when it will be officially released but I bet this week. I found my info on the Cricut Facebook Page, I “liked” it so I will catch any news on the new program, gotta love free!

As you know I am a Sure Cuts a Lot girl! I love SCAL and being able to design my own die cuts as well as cut my computer fonts. I’ve told you many times that I love using the fonts and doodlebats from Lettering Delights, and I’ve also told you that they design many of Cricut’s cartridges. Well now they are in the SVG business and they have like 40 SVG sets for sale! Cool huh? and many are 40% off right now so check out all their new SVG designs!

They also have a free Monster love bundle up for grabs, download it now while it is free!

Don’t forget you can cut these cool SVGs in Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) software that is also on sale right now! These will work with Make the Cut software too BTW 🙂

All these sets are 40% off!

I’m gonna play with some of theses new SVGs today-inbetween helping DS with his pinewood derby car-it’s sure to get the creative juices flowing! Till next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “New FREE Cricut software and SVG freebies too!

  1. I am super excited about the free online tool! I just got my Gypsy, which is great on the go, and I Love my Design Studio, but it doesn’t work with my Imagine, so this has everything I could ever want!!


  2. How do you cut the different layers of a lettering delights svg. I just downloaded one today and it isn’t broken apart. Do I have to break it apart in inkscape or Illustrator first, or can I do that in SCAL 2??
    Thanks for the help.


    1. Hi Amanda,
      You can do it in scal2, simply import the svg you want and make sure it is selected, then click on the “object” tab and click “break apart” then you can drag all of the parts to different places on the mat.

      If you had scal1 you would need to do that in Inkscape or any other vector based graphics program:)
      Have fun!


  3. Have you heard anymore about this free program?? i got my expression “right after” they quit selling the SCAL 2. now the SCAL 3 doesn’t work with cricut and i really need something to allow me to cut SVG files!!


    1. Hi Crystal, The free cricut program is called Cricut Craftroom and you can learn about it at As I understand it you need to sign up and wait for them to invite you to use it. It will let you create with all of their carts but you must own the cartridges to cut anything (big whoop LOL!) so that is a drawback. I have not even tried it because I am afraid it will mess my machine up so I won’t be able to use scal. I was like you, I only bought my Expression because I could use scal with it, I bought carts too but since this happened I have not bought a single provocraft product. I can buy Sizzix Eclips mats and blades to work in my machine now and Sizzix endorses Sure Cuts a Lot 3 to work in their new Eclips Machine so if you can return your Expression and get an Eclips I would, it is not much more in cost either! Oh My Crafts .com has them on sale too. Good luck!


      1. I have tried the Cricut Craftroom software. It is not great. As Lindsay said, you can only cut and work with the cartridges that you have. Cricut Craftroom says that you get these freebies, too. Well, they are just simple shapes that you can find in cartridges that you already own, hearts, stars, circles. They also give you a free font, but, it is not any font that you would ever choose to use. It is very disappointing.

        With that said, if I find an old copy of SCAL will that work with my Cricut Expression? Or if I want freedom to cut whatever I want, do I have to buy an Eclips?

        Thanks, Liana


        1. Hi Liana,
          if you find an old copy of scal or a copy of scal2 you can cut fonts and svgs with an expression but not the expression2. I recommended the eclips and recall ssoftware to our elementary school and the ptarmigan bought it and it is easy to use and the software is wonderful, it is much like scal2 but designed with all of the capibilities of eclipse and I cannot praise sizzix customer service enough for supporting their machines, you can’t go wrong there!


  4. sept 17, 2011

    Really, end of story? Just when it gets interesting?

    Cricut – free software – ha.
    Cricut – a great solid product – sold for less then it is worth.
    Cricut – heavy, well built, noisy, no handyman knows what it is.
    Cricut – TIP use Contact Frosted Window paper to learn how to cut instead of vinyl…add a thin layer of magazine paper via spray glue to make the thin shelving paper more equal in thickness with the vinyl. Shelving paper/window frosting is $7.00 for 18 Inches by 25 feet.
    I am brand new to the cricut – can’t wait to learn more.
    It seems to me that there are a lot of scams and or hidden secrets.
    I understand a few but there are many I do not.
    One, will I even ever find this page again?

    A fun machine, sold for fun, why is using it beyond the companies plans such a pain. Cricut – stealing our money by charging too much for each cartridge – fonts should be free or mighty close to free.

    Knuff said – love cricut love (slow as hell) sure cuts a lot… having fun is all we wanted hopefully american companies will learn it’s all we ask and don’t offer crap when you could sell what we actually want.


    1. David! Go to and join it’s forum (it’s free!) There you will get all kinds of SVG’s some free others they sell in kits (very reasonable.) They also have tutorials on almost how to do anything. The members are very…very nice and they offer all kinds od help and show what they have made as well. I have been with them several years now and I know of no other forum/blog that offers so much and also gives reviews on anything to do with crafting machines, etc. I also joined a few of the other sites such as this one (also very good!)
      Janice (aka broomhilde)


  5. what program works with the circut now? I want to use my own designs but their program doesnt import svg from what i can see…

    any help please?


    1. Unfortunatly you have to have older versions of Make The Cut, Fairy Cut or the original Sure Cuts a Lot or SCAL2. All the newer versions removed the Cricut capapbility. You might be able to buy one of the usable programs on ebay but it would probably cost as much as buying a Silhouette or a Eclips and they both work with SCAL3. I am a SCAL fan so I wouls want a machine to work with that. Personally I think the Eclips is the way to go, the mats and blades are cheaper, it used cartridges too if you want them and they are cheaper than Cricut and you can cut your designs and fonts with ECAL (SACL for eclips-Sizzix aproves of this software so you will not be up the creek after you buy it!) I think the silouette is great too, just the mats and blades are more costly…the silouette might cut a little more precicsly tho.


    1. I have had my expression since it came out, I finally broke down and ordered the SCAL2 from techjunky on etsy. I love this software it works great with my cricut. I will never buy another expensive cartridge from provocraft.


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