Cutting The Card Clutter!

There is something about January…for me anyway…that makes me want to get rid of stuff! Maybe it is the influx of Christmas and the feeling of being choked by stuff or maybe it is just a fresh start. I shared my newly organized craft room with you the other day and yesterday I hauled 2 lawn and garden bags of clothes and shoes out of my closet to send off to GoodWill. Then I went into my craftroom and hauled out the baskets of cards I’ve made throughout the year. This is another January tradition of mine. I separate my cards into 4 boxes: To submit, to use, to sell and to donate.

Card from the Dec/Jan issure of Ready Set Create by Lindsay Weirich.

Every year a local woman’s shelter has an auction and I give them a heaping box of cards to raffle off, the money goes to the shelter, I feel really good about my craft helping that cause! The donation box goes to them. You could also drop a box of cards off at a nursing home or send it to Operation Write Home too. They will all gladly take your handmade cards. Be sure to include envelopes as well.

For my cards I want to sell I put a card with its envelope in a clear self sealing bag. I get them by the thousand at in 6″x9″and 7″x7″ for protecting my cards and these sizes work for all. I do thisย  for both the donations and the to sell cards. In the to sell cards I put a strip of paper with “handmade cards by Lindsay Weirich” and the price ($3-$5) in the envelope too so it is ready to put in one of the shops I sell at. I don’t bother with selling cards on line but if you do this would be a good habit to get into after you photograph your cards.

Time-saving Tip: Always make an envelope when you make a card! unless…

All my pretty cards that I did not make an envelope to match I pop in the submit box. Then I sit down with my box of cards and my laptop (usually while watching TV) and type up all the supplies and directions and stick return address labels with my info on the back of the cards so I can mail a heaping priority mail box full of cards out to my favorite publisher:) I used to hate mailing out unsolicited artwork but with the prolific amount of stuff I make I can afford to ship off 30 cards and not miss them:) You can even get together with friends and submit a bunch of cards together and share on the cost of postage. It is so fun to get a free magazine in the mail showcasing your work! Plus most magazines donate the cards after they publish them to charity ๐Ÿ™‚ Twice as good-and I don’t want them back LOL!

If you want to download my submission from you can for free here. You can copy and paste it as many times as you need (one table for each card) and fill in the fields. Then print it and tape it to the back of you card to submit so all of the info on the card is ready for the publisher. For more tips and info on getting published please join mt “Get Published” group at MyGrafico Community, it’s free!

I only hang on to half a dozen or so cards to use, usually of the cute birthday variety so I have a quick card to grab for my kid’s friends birthdays. I usually make a fresh card (inspired by the recipient) when I need a card ๐Ÿ™‚

I like to make things, but ironically after they are made I don’t feel the need to keep them, I love having them gone from my studio so I can start creating fresh new projects.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



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