Let’s Organize Those Files!

Did I just hear a collective groan? If you have been using a computer for any amount of time you likely have thousands of photos, graphics, fonts, digital stamps and scrapbook kits on your hard drive. “So What?” You say, “they are out of sight and not taking up any physical space so what is the problem?” Well, it is not a problem untill you go to find the perfect photo, stamp or paper for a project and you can’t!

Time to organize those pesky files!

First step is to sort. You want to make broad folders to hold your files. You will sort the contents of these folder in sub folders later. You probably have your files organized like this already. I have a folder for Photos, Digital Stamps, Cutting files and Scrapbook Kits. If your files are not sorted into sub folders like these do that now. If the task seems daunting do it for an hour-set the timer-and take a break when the hour is up.

Now you need to break those folders down to sub folders (more specific groups.) For instance I sort my photos by year and in each year folder I have them separated by month. That system works just fine for me. I we go on a vacation, or there is an event with a lot of photos I will make a separate folder in that month for those photos (like a Christmas day folder in the December folder). You can sort other graphics by designer, theme or season or use a mix of those. Organize in a  way that makes sence to you. As you are sorting feel free to delete any blurry photos or graphics and kits you do not need or want anymore. Keeping stuff on your computer that you are not going to use is a waste of space and it wastes you time when you have to sift through that junk to find what you want. Repeat after me “It’s OK to delete!”

The good news is when this is done all you need to do is maintain. When you download photos put them in the correct month-delete the bad photos and you are done AND best of all you can find what you want when you need it. I’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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