Make it Mini!

Forging onward with my plan to finish my holiday crafting before Thanksgiving (yeah right, shopping maybe, but probably not the crafting) I made 3 little mini scrapbooks using my Made in Minutes Wee Album kit. And truly, I made them in minutes, as long as you don’t count the hours I spent designing the kit (I did the hard work so you don’t have to LOL!)

I actually filmed a video making the album, it was 11 minutes long so when I have it trimmed up to under 10 so it can go on YouTube (which is mighty hard to edit since I don’t stop talking the entire time) I’ll have in the site for you to see.

Here is a look at the Wee Album Kit:

BTW I spray mounted the sheet of covers to chipboard (I used the white cardboard from the back of a pad of scrapbook paper) for extra support before cutting out the minibook covers.

And here you can see everything you get in the kit:

The design in based on an old kirigami (origami and cutting) method and is really fun! You get 6 minibook pages when you print a template sheet once, but you can print off as many sheets as you like and connect the booklets end to end for a ton of pages!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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