Let’s Paint Fireworks!

Howdy folks, I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July. We took the kids to see the fireworks for the first time and it was amazing, I even took 70 pictures of fireworks and most of them came out well! The challenge at oriental stamp art this week was fireworks so I thought I would do a tutorial video on painting some (I say painting but it is super easy, you need not be an artist!) here is a card with one of the papers I made. I will show you a scrapbook page later this week using the big firework paper. The dragonfly and sentiment rubber stamp is from About Art Accents and the little swatch of paper in the lower RH corner is from the Grunge Flowers CS from Nicecrane Designs (it covers up a stamping boo-boo 😉

Stamps: About Art Accents, Paper: Gold pattern 9DCWV), Inked Background (see video) Swatch on right (Nicecrane), Markers: Copic, Ink: Memento

So, wanna see how I made the “fireworks” paper I used on this card as well as two other fun techniques? Well have a gander at my new video:

Do try these easy techniques, they are fun! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

12 Responses

  1. Beautiful paper Lindsay, loved the techniques, loved the commentary’s on the video even more! lol. Thanks for sharing. ~Diane


  2. Too funny!!! I think we should have had a tour of your kitchen, including Hazel!!! I love your technique for recreating fireworkys Oh, wait, I forgot the rule… drop the y and add ie, fireworkies… lol!! At first I thought the drip was a timer so you wouldn’t run out of video time! Anyway, as usual a great video!!!


  3. What great techniques. Anyone can be successful with these.


  4. Awesome video! I loved your commentary on the different sounds.


  5. Ok, you were having too much fun, I gotta try this! The straw idea is genius! Thanks for sharing these ideas!!


  6. Great fun! I’ve also used canned air instead of the straw method. It’s helpful if you plan on doing a lot of this technique – I find I get a headache using the straw. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Lindsey,
    Even without sound (so I never heard the drip : )), I really enjoyed your video! I learned a lot. I do need a printout of the materials you used – I think you used salt, and you mentioned a liquid masking product. I think it does look like fireworks! Some sparkles would top it off!


    • Hi Karen,
      I used watercolor paper, Masking fluid, watercolors (whatever colors you like) for the large sheet.
      Watercolor paper, watercolors and salt for the green/orange sheet.
      And glossy paper, alcohol inks and shimmer spray for the one I used on the card.

      Also you need a straw to blow the paint and ink around with;)


      • I loved the directions. will try these tomorrow. what is funny – my dog was barking at your dog on the computer.
        Jane D


  8. Love the technique of masking off and the black…wow!!!! So unexpectedly!


  9. What a FANTASTIC tutorial!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!!


  10. Ha! I thought the beep was my oven. I’m cooking, cutting scrapbook paper and watching your video. Which was very fun. Thank you!


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