Make this “Sweet” tag!

Happy Monday folks! I took the kids to a birthday party yesterday. I have been friends with the little boy’s mom for many years and she always saves the cards and tags I make to use as embellishments in her scrapbooks so I always make sure to make some thing special for their cards, in this case a sweet tag:

Stamps, Ink and treat cup: Stampin Up!, Cardstock: Bazzil, GP, tab sticker: DCWV, Ribbon: Target

I love this stamp set for making quick kids birthday cards (what kid wouldn’t love real gum or candy in his card?) and usually you need to destroy the card to get to the goods but since I know his mom will save the tag I made a drop slot in the back so he can get the gum and mom can still have a cute scrapbook page embellishment. Here’s how:

You need 3 tags the same size, I cut three 3"x5 1/2" rectangles then cut off the top corners to make my tag. cut a 2" circle from the top tag and a 1" circle from the middle and back tag (be sure the 1" circles are lined up and in the center of the tag as shown.

Also you need a scrap of cardstock that is about 2″ square and some sort of pull tab, I used a happy Birthday tab sticker but a rectangle of paper folded in half would work just as well. Stamp gum balls around the cut hole on the middle tag and all over the slider piece then stack them up line this: Top tag with the big hole, under that the stamped middle tag with the 1″ hole, the slider behind that and the un-stamped back tag. If all goes well it should look like this:

Here is what it looks like when all 4 tags and slider are lined up. you may need to trim the slider panel if it sticks out at the top.

REmove the top 2 tags. With the slider in place run double-sided adhesive above, below and to the left of the slider (Trim the slider if needed), this makes the trace for the slider to move on.

Now place the middle tag on the back tag and they will be adhered together.  Remove the line on the treat cup and place it inside (from the back) of the top tag and carefully line both up on the middle tag, once the cup touches the tag it will be stuck for good so line it up carefully! then remove the top tag, ad adhesive to the back and adhere it to the tag stack. It will look like this:

You finished the hard part!

Now flip it over and see:

Viola! Now decorate the front and you are done!

I prefer making a tag with this set because when I make a card it wants to fall over due to the weight of the gum balls. I put the finished tag in a clear plastic envelop and tape it to the gift so it is a decoration too. I hope you give this a try, it is really fun and the kids get a kick out of it, and if your lucky the moms will too!

This tag qualifies for the following challenges: Clearly I stamp (birthday), Donna’s Den (happy birthday), Robyn’s Fetish (open),  One Stop Craft Challenge (for the boys), SirStampsaLot (punch it-my only TAG entry, I punched the gumballs on the tag front, first photo)

Thanks for stopping by, thil next time happy crafting!

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