How to make vinyl decals with your Cricut!

How would you like to make custom decals for your car, wall decor and signage for fun or profit with your Cricut machine? Sounds fun huh, it is easy too with Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) software! I had a customer request to make some stick people digital stamps with interchangeable heads and bodies so I made the People Mix and Match digital stamp set BUT I also made a SVG set too and included it in the kit, I used it to make this nifty decal for my van:

check out the tutorial below!

Here is a close up of the decal:

And here is a look at the People Mix and Match SVG/Digital stamp set:

20 digital stamps and cutting files!

Now on to the tutorial! It is a bit long and picture heavy so I have made a PDF tutorial that you can save, print and review when you go to start your next vinyl project. I suggest calling your local sign shop to see if they can save their scraps (which are always generously sized!) for you so you can practice. If you get serious about making signs and decals you can purchase wonderful vinyl, even chalkboard vinyl, by the roll. Check out the tutorial here:

Vinyl Decal Tutorial

Now for your freebie! I wanted to have a couple stick pets in the set but did not have room so I made a little freebie set for you 🙂 Click the image to download.

a freebie for you!

Now lets see what the Lindsay’s stamp Stuff DT has for you today:

Cheryl Gorka DT Coordinator

Shannon Neparko

Margie Visnick

Lisa Jurecek

Leanne Garner

Tamara Bennett

Cindi Hooks

Micki Harper

Rebekah Doak

Karin Martin

Jennifer Bliss

Rhonda Walker

Diane Bove

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


19 Responses

  1. So super cute! The freebie is amazing too…Love the fish skeleton 🙂


  2. This is fanatastic! Love the pets 🙂


  3. super cute! thanks for the freebie and i am loving the stick people! hubby and i were just talking about using my cricut for this type of thing, so thanks for sharing. just wondering if the link for the tutorial is correct? it keeps taking me to the store page of the stick people files. thanks


  4. Oh how fun! I am going to try this. Thank you!


  5. Oh, how cute! I would have to wash my car….hmm…maybe I’ll just use them for scrapping,lol!Thanks for the freebie!


  6. OMG OMG how stinkin’ awesome! :-). Oohh I can’t wait to watch the tutorial. This is sooooooo cute. LOVE it!


  7. That turned out great Lindsay! I’ve been wanting to try out my vinyl, but it intimidates me. thanks for the tutorial!


  8. thanks for the link!
    quick question, i noticed that you applied yours to the outside of your car. how does it hold up in the weather and during washing your car? and if you wanted to put it on the inside of your window, would you just flip the design? thanks


    • That is right, if you want to apply it to the inside flip the design in SCAL. Since there are no letters in this design it would be OK either way. Most vinyl is colored all the way through except for the metallic, mirror or gradient vinyls. peel back a corner and see if the vinyl is colored all the way through before you begin 😉 Lindsay


  9. That is adorable Lindsay! I bet you could open your own sign shop with these! (in your spare time, ha ha )


  10. My grandchildren will soon be receiving card using these cute little guys. Thank you so much for the freebie.


  11. can you write on vinyl with chalkboard paint. I saw what you did to your kids room…too cute and would love colored chalkboard vinyl but can’t find any so was wondering if the paint worked on the regular viynl


    • Hi Antoinette,
      I think the chalkboard paint would scrape off the vinyl when you used chalk to write on it because it is so slick. I would make a stencil out of vinyl or contact paper and paint with the chalkboard paint directly on your wall. You will want 2 or 3 coats and be sure to let it dry well before using (A couple of days to be sure it has cured).
      Have fun!


  12. indeed! how very cute. We also stock a small range of decals but for people’s walls. You’re giving them away free! nice!


  13. how do you find that the vinyl keeps….. is there a spray sealer to buy to make sure the vinyl doesn’t peel?


    • really well, the decals are still on my van. As long as you don scrap them with an ice scraper they will stay fine and they have had rain, ice, snow and sun (I don’t park in a garage) and they are good! To remove them simply hear with a heat gun a peel off:) I would not spray them or you will never get them off LOL!


  14. Can you only place this on the windows or can it go directly on the car?


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