Seaside Sketches

It was so beautiful outside yesterday I left my basement studio to paint at the beach! Armed with pencil, watercolors and my trusty sidekick (AKA dog Hazel) we hit the beach and came up with this:

Watercolor on Strathmore 400 series.

While I was there I roamed around with my sketchbook and came up with a few drawings that I turned into digital stamps, I will have a tutorial later this week on watercoloring them, Here is the Seaside Sketches set and I have placed it on sale for $3.50 for a limited time!

4 highly detailed scenes for digital stamping and to use as painting patterns.I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Beautiful painting Lindsay! What a unique digi stamp set! I know this is dumb but I have to ask, does this set come in 4 pieces? Like would 1 be shells, another seagulls, beach line, then tree line? I use word, I was wondering if I would be able to insert it in smaller pieces or would I have to know how to delete the parts I don’t want from the whole scene? Thanks, ~Diane


    • Hi Diane, Yes, they are 4 seperate stamps:) very easy to use and they are in png and jpg format so inserting them into a word document is a breeze! hugs, Lindsay


  2. What a great idea! i love the new stamps! You’re a truly talented lady!


  3. Wowzers! That painting is awesome!I love the new stamps, too! I was going to suggest some some beachy/vacation style stamps-but you beat me to the punch! These are awesome! I have an idea for using them, but it may take a few weeks to complete. Can’t wait!


  4. Oh my goodness your talent just blows me away. Gorgeous!


  5. Great painting 🙂 You are so lucky to live somewhere so seanic!


  6. gorgeous painting!!! I love this set, I am a water child and this calls to my heart.


  7. Love the painting and the new set! Sorry I wasn’t able to join you and Hazel. Maybe next time…


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