A Crafty Fling!

do you ever get in a craft rut? You muse seems to go on vacation and everything you make looks the same? well then, you need to have a fling! Here I put aside my stamps and paper and played with wire and beads:

The middle pendant started out as a ring but went terribly wrong so I hammered the wire flat and added the center bead and made a necklace!

A quick trip to my local bead shop was inspiring, I bought a  $8 plastic ring mandrel, a few new beads and a pack of charms. I had always wanted to try making wire wrapped rings but did not know how so I decided to try and I came up with these. Sure the workmanship is shoddy and unskilled but I had fun and my creative spirit felt renewed afterward. I should have a fling more often!

These are totally comfy to wear too!

So how about this weekend you break out of your crafty comfort zone, try polymer clay, or crochet or pick up a paintbrush, don’t worry about the results, enjoy the process (that is why kids have so much fun with art, they are process, not product, oriented!) and create!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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