A gift bag quickie!

So, how are you going to wrap all of the little odds n’ ends and gift cards that you bought for presents this year? Don’t run to the store to buy a gift bag. make one instead like I did with the cute Warm Winter digital stamp set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

A quick box I made today, it holds a surprise for a dear friend!

This project was inspired by a project by Liz Miller that I saw in The Decorative Painter, she had 2 cute painted bags made out of watercolor paper and I knew it would be perfect to adapt to use with the Scor-Pal and my Digital stamps!

I printed the snowcouple stamp on plain paper then used graphite paper to transfer my design on watercolor paper (graphite is like carbon paper, you place it behind your image you want to trace and it leaves an imprint on whatever paper s underneath, if you don’t have any just scribble pencil lead on the back of your printed image, flip it over and trace away!) Before I transferred the design I took a 9″x11.5″ sheet of watercolor paper and scored it to make the box on my scor-pal. I score it at 2″(3″ for gussets crease), 5.5″,(6.5″ for gussets crease),7.5″, 11″ then I flipped it and scored it 2″ from each end. then I snipped long rectangle from the top and a bit from the bottom like this:

Here you can see how the box is scored and cut, be sure to paint around the snowmen 🙂

To make the template for the flap I folded a 3.5″ wide scrap of paper in half and cut a curvy shape from it and traced it to the flap area (the red scrap paper in the photo is my template.) Now that I can see where the front of my box is I transferred my stamp. Wet the paper, all except the snowman and paint with blue and mauve, sprinkle salt on the blue while the paint is wet and viola! snow! After the background is dry paint the snowcouple.

I made some faux snow by rubbing two styrofoam balls together and gluing the sprinkles to the bottom of the box. I used scor-tape to secure the box side and bottom. I used my letterpress plates on the tag.

I gave the Design team a two weeks off for the holidays so they could enjoy this time with their families. I have two new sets in the shop this week:

Valentines Day is right around the corner, get crafting with this kit!

11 of my most popular designs rolled into one set, sweet!

I can’t wait to play with the Valentine stamps! Til next time have a wonderful holiday and happy crafting!

P.S. I want a report on all the craft goodies you get under the tree:)

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