Gifts for Crafters

OK, todays post is not for my regular readers, it is for their husbands, boyfriends and non crafty friends. It’s 3 days before Christmas and you are wondering what to get your crafty loved one. Here is a list, print it and take it to the craft store or if you have one your locally owned independent scrapbook/stamp/craft shop.

For Paper Crafters:

The one thing almost every crafty friend I have wants (if they don’t already have it) is a Cricut Expression. This is a digital die cutting machine that sells anywhere from $200-$500. You an even find these machines at walmart as well as the big craft stores. Call around and see who has them in stock and the best price. There are 2 smaller Cricut machines that are a bit cheaper but many folks who buy the smaller one want the larger one.

If they have a cricut take a peek on their computer and see if they have software to use it with. The cool thing about software is that they can get a lot more use out of there machines. I like Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) software because you can call your computer fonts with it and you can convert clip art to cut with it. It is $75 and you can order it and download it from the website instantly (not going to the store on December 22 is a good thing!) they will email you the activation code that will allow you to run it instantly. This is available for PC and MAC computers;) You can use this coupon code:8665847 to save 10% of SCAL right now!

Cricut Design Studio is good if she has a bunch of cartridges because you can only cut designs from the carts you have.

If she hates computers don’t bother with the software, get her a new cartridge instead (you may want to make a list of what she has and take it to the store so you don’t get a cart she already has) again call around to see if any stores has them on sale (AC moore has them for $45 this week in store.)

Cardstock: You can’t go wrong with cardstock for card makers or scrapbookers. I love Die cuts With a View, Bazzil, and Co’ordanations brands. You can find them at most craft stores and they are good quality.

Pattern Paper: this is tricky, stick with cardstock unless you know for sure what she likes ans does not have, if she frequents a scrapbook store call the owner, tell her how much you want to spend and ask her to fill a bag, trust me, she will know what to pick:)

For Jewelry makers you can visit a bead shop and pick out some fun beads, it is hard to go wrong! If you want to wow her get a fuseworks microwave bead kiln, call around to find this. Stained glass supply shops may have them or you can order them online (but you may not be able to get it by Christmas) these kilns run $80-$130 but are totally awesome! BTW you don’t have to use the glass made by that company, I get scraps from my local stained glass supplier that are cheap, beautiful and melt just fine;) The kit comes with some glass to get you started;)

Knitters love fun novelty yarns, a ball of funky yarn can go along way as a trim or a scarf, grab a few fun skeins of yarn to fill her stocking with.

Whatever the craft your lady enjoys she is going to love whatever you choose because it is so sweet of you to take th time to shop for crafts, big hugs to you, and have a merry christmas. If your crafty friend is a guy sorry about all the “shes” and “hers”, have fun shopping ant til next time happy crafting!