Oh la la! A Fancy Tea Party! {and freebies!)

If you are a parent of a 5 year old girl you know all about Fancy Nancy. My friend Kathy and I (she also had 5 year old twin girls) decided to take our kids out Christmas shopping and to dinner the other night. We ate at Denny’s (does it get any fancier?) and when we asked one of Kathy’s daughters if she wanted breakfast or dinner she said “I’ll have Brunch, it’s Fancier!” And so was born the inspiration of todays project using the Winter Printables kit and the template from the 3-D advent calendar from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

Stamps, papers, templates: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff

I used the Cricut and SCAL software to cut my paper boxes form inexpensive white cardstock (GP from Sams club, 250 sheets for $7) then I trimmed the pattern paper from the kit with deco edge scissors to decorate the boxes. To make a two layer cake I just made 6 small boxes (use the template that comes in the kit with 2 boxes on one sheet) and 6 large boxes (use the template that has the instructions typed on it, you can crop the template before printing it so it will fill a whole sheet of cardstock and make a bigger box), I simply arranged them in a hexagon and stacked them. Easy Peasy!

This cake is made from favor boxes from the 3-D advent calendar, the papers and cupcake wrappers are from the Winter Printables kit all available in the Lindsay's Stamp Stuff Shop!

The cupcake wrappers come in the Winter Printables kit and they are so simple, just print, trim and tape and you have the cutest cupcakes on the block!

The green paper is from the Winter Printables kit, the stamp and template are included in today's freebie!

For the invitation I cut the base out of pink cardstock and traced the front on to my green pattern paper from the Winter Printables kit, trimmed and glued to the front of the card. I used the free digital stamp from todays freebie kit to make the tea-bag tag. I changed the color to white and used my paint bucket tool to fill in the background with red before printing and trimming. I wanted the tag to look like a Salada tea tag because when I was 5 (til I graduated high school) I had tea (OK more like milk, sugar and a little tea) with Mom every morning and that was what we drank. now that I’m a mom I have my tea in the afternoon when my kids come home and If they want some I let them (but I made it a decaf) and it is nice πŸ˜‰ And I still drink Salada.

Here is a look at the new Winter Printables set:

All this crafty goodness for only $4!

…and here is your freebie:

Click to download this weeks freebie!

Now let’s see what the talented LSS Senior Design Team has been working on this week. We also have a new guest Designer too this month, please welcome Micki Harper to the team!

Micki Harper December Guest DT

Janet Rossi

Shannon Neparko

Margie Visnick

Lisa Jurecek

Erin Bailey

Tracey Allen

Melissa Craig

Tamara Bennett

Cindi Hooks

Cheryl Gorka *a bonus project!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time have a “fancy” day and happy crafting!


15 Responses

  1. How fancy! I love it! the color choices are perfect! Those little girls are going to have a fabulous time!


  2. Sooo cute! I think it’s so sweet that you are passing down that memory to your kids!


  3. That story is priceless!! I love your whole party ensemble – this looks like great fun. You did a great job!!

    Love the add-on kit, too!


  4. oh that is sooo darn cute….. and I love the add-on…….. I can’t wait to get my Cricuit set up and start learning SCAL, lol. Every time I come to your blog, I’m just itchin’ to start πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the warm welcome. You have an awesome DT.


  5. Boy, I wish I saw this a few years ago when we did the big princess party for my daughter’s bday. At 8, she still likes “fancy” so I am looking forward to CASE’ing your projects.


  6. What a happy post! I love memories and I love how you’ve captured them in your work this week! Little girls are the best, aren’t they?


  7. What a sweet memorie. Thank you for sharing this
    freebie with us.


  8. I enjoy your blog! Thanks for the freebie!


  9. I don’t know who Fancy Nancy is but I wish I were 5 and having brunch with this adorable set! How cute is that! I love Salada tea, too. And you’re teacup invite is just perfect!


  10. Nadya is 5 yet, but we too know about Fancy Nancy! Love the BG papers and the “cake” – such fun projects!


  11. Thanks for the freebie.

    What a great memory – sharing a cup of tea with your mom every day for all those years! Lucky you!


  12. […] love this pink/green/red combo. The pink paper is from this weeks freebie and you can snag it from this post. I used an embossed scallop mat from the embossed mats kit to mat my […]


  13. Has anyone tried creating cricut designs and turning them into website headers?


  14. You go girl! Congratulations on being published. How exciting to design every part of the project!


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