Digital Stamping on Clay! A Freebie and a Sale!

I’m feeling like an evil genius right now because I figured out how to use my digital stamps on polymer clay, here is an amulet I made with the new Doodle Flowers Digital Stamp Set at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

Digital Stamp: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, Inks: Adirondack, Markers: Bic-Markits, Idea: Lynn Kruke

Digital Stamp: Lindsay's stamp Stuff, Clay: Sculpey, Ink: Ranger, Markers: Bic-Markits, Other: Cord and beads, Idea: Lynn Kruke

I colored the image with Biuc Markits and painted the background with alcohol ink. The clay was white to begin with.

And the best part is that it is super easy! Here’s how: Print the digital stamp you want to use from your inkjet printer, fill the page up and get as many as you can on the sheet. Photocopy the sheet (if you have a laser printer you don’t need to do a photocopy.) Cut the images apart. Make your clay charms (I rolled out an 1/8″ thick slab of clay and wrapped it around a matchbox for my amulet) then press the photocopied images into the clay. Be sure to press them on well so contact is made, then cook the clay per manufacturers directions. I used plain old Sculpey because I have loads on hand but I recommend using Premo (also by Sculpey/Polyform as it is much more durable). After the clay is baked peel off the paper, I did it while it was still hot, and see your design!

Here are the stamps transferred on the clay after baking.

There are other ways to transfer photocopied images as well. I have a clear Chartpack blending marker that works well but I have it on good authority that vodka will work too! experiment 😉 You can use a wood burning tool (or creative hot marks) with a flat transfer tip or a hot iron. The heat works because in a photocopier or laser printer the toner (ink) is burned on to the paper.

look how easy it is to transfer images with a marker! Imagine the possibilities!

Look how easy it is to transfer an image with a marker, imagine the possibilities!

Here I transfered some images to tile and colored them with my bic markits. The markers worked great and didn’t lift my design. If the transfer is too light in spots you can fill in with a fine tip permanebt marker. The small charms are made from polymer clay.


Digital stamps on ceramic tile and polymer clay.

Here is a look at the whole Doodle Flowers stamp set:


And now what you have been waiting for, the freebie of course!


Free Digtial stamp and Card papers in 8.5"x11", 6"x6", 5"x7" and 4.25"x5.5". Click preview to download!

Just a reminder  there is a sale today until the 31st at my Shophandmade store where you recieve a free stamp for every $5 you spend! Think of what your $5 will buy during this sale, everything will be on sale from sets to singles, don’t miss your chance to save!

If you want your stamps and you want them now check out my shop at MyGrafico where you can save 30% on all of my stamp sets until midnight October 31st! Two great places to get some spooky savings!

Now lets see what the fabulous Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff DT has for us this week:

Ceal Pritchett October Guest DT










Melissa Craig


This week we say goodbye to Katt and Kim (their 6 month DT term has come to an end) we have loved seeing your projects and wish you the best! Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!


18 Responses

  1. Wow I am speechless! This looks awesome! What did you use to color them? Was it your Bic Mark its? I’m definately going to have to try this!


    • yep, I used the markits to color the flower then dabbed alcohol ink around the box. i used a paint brush dipped in goo gone to blend the ink close to the flower.


  2. Evil, No- Geneous, YES!!! This is so unbelievably cool. Can’t wait to try it.


  3. Ok, I know I spelled genius wrong, so excited about your work that I was typing too fast.


  4. Very cool! What a neat idea for those who are jewelry makers!!


  5. Awesome Lindsay – Genius indeed – but I’d say Creative Genius, not Evil one! 🙂 Now I need to get a clear chartpack marker too. I am not much of a jewelery maker, but I can see coaster possibilities using the small tiles.


  6. I love this idea! I bought a couple of coasters at Home Depot not long ago, so I will have to try this. what fabulous gift possibilities. Yup, you’re a genius!

    P.S. Were you spying on me??? I did do some organizing. Hee hee hee…thanks for noticing 🙂


  7. Wow! I have learned so many new tricks from following your blog! Now my head is spinning with ideas-can you say “Christmas presents”? Love the charms and the tile!


  8. OMG DUDE – this is so froggin cool. Your brain never ceases to amaze!

    (Thursday shows… Survivor, Grey’s, CSI, Bones …


  9. OMG, I had no idea and if my ear wasn’t hurting so bad, I’d be doing the happy dance because I have a laser printer…..woohoo…. I also had Chartpak blender pen, which I gave to my SIL cuz I couldn’t stand the smell…I’m thinking I might want it back. Oh and I have one of those hot marks tools or hot transfer tool too. never used it bought it about 10 years ago from QVC…. dang…. this is awesome!!!!

    Oohh and I really love your christmas ornament you cut out…. the one with the reindeer, too stinkin’ cute!


  10. Love the idea of using the digi stamps on Clay!! hmmm, this could be great for some Christmas projects!


  11. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again … You are a genius! 🙂 I just love reading your blog and seeing all the things you come up with!

    I love those Doodle Flowers, by the way. I somehow missed seeing them before.


  12. OMG – How cool is that! I really, really hope I have some time to play this weekend. I think I have some clay put away for a rainy day.


  13. You are such a delight! Do you ever sleep???
    This is a wonderful idea and I’m really impressed. Your name should be Whimsical Weirich. 🙂

    One question, please: What is a Chartpack marker and what makes it special?


  14. This is really cool! LOVE LOVE LOVE your new stamp set! Cute!


  15. I used to do polyclay a few years ago and I do remember something about vodka transfers. Never tried it (don’t have any vodka and I didn’t want to buy a big bottle for tiny projects) but who knows, I might want to try with digi stamps. Thanks.


  16. Where do you come up with this stuff? Super cool projects! And what a great stamp set!


  17. we will be buying more christmas ornaments these christmas because we like to decorate more ;-:


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