Elegant, Simple and Frugal!

*note: In this article I mention using the double piercing bug on the scor-pal. The Scor Pal company says to be sure to hold it at a 90 degree angle or you may damage the grooves in the scor-pal board. You will not damage the scor pal using the single peircing tool form EK Success or the Scor-Bug.

Want to increase your crafting stash without spending a dime and have a great time too? Have a crafty playdate!

Stamp: SU!, Embossing folders and dies: Cuttlebug, Scoring/Preicing tools: Scor-Pal

Stamp: SU!, Embossing folders and dies: Cuttlebug, Scoring/Peircing tools: Scor-Pal

My friend Tracey came over the other day and brought her awesome collection of cuttlebug embossing folders and dies along with some rubber stamp I didn’t have. over a cup of tea and great conversation I used her embossing folders to emboss tons of my paper scraps while she dipped into my rubber stamp stash. A couple hours later we both had a few new cards under out belt and a lot of new images and embossed paper to play with. Another bonus of getting together and sharing supplies is that you get to see your materials in a whole new way, seeing someone use a stamp you’ve forgotten about in an innovative new way makes you look at your whole craft stash with new eyes!

Notice the “Faux stitching” on the card, I did that with the scor-pal and scor-bug, see the double stitched lines? Well, I did that with my EK success double peircing bug on the two narrow rows on the scor-pal, it worked brilliantly and I never would have figured that out if I wasn’t showing Tracey how fabulous the scor-bug is! The only difference between the scor-bug and the single peircing bug is the color. To make it look like stitching I used a ruler and drew over my holes with a fine tip pen. If you love the look but don’t have the tools simply put your paper on a mouse pad, place a ruler where you want the holes to be and poke the holes with a thumbtack, Easy peasy!

Maybe while the husbands watch football (OK totally sexist, I know!) you can get together with the wives and make some cards, hey works for me, you could even set up a crafty table for the kids with paper punches, pom poms, paper scraps, googlie eyes and glitter glue to keep them happily crafting. Well, I know what I’m doing today when the Patriots are playing!

Have a great Sunday and till next time Happy Crafting!

4 Responses

  1. Fabulous ideas Lindsay! I don’t have a scor-pal as I thought my Scor-It would suffice…but the more I read and browse, I may need to add a scor-pal to my collection as well…hmmm!


  2. Oh, this is gorgeous! I went to the store yesterday to buy the scor piercing tools. I can’t wait to go get busy and try them out! Cindi got them too. What a happy discovery!


  3. Beautiful. Love the trail of pearls.


  4. Great idea!
    I’m always up for a crafty playdate. Love this card with it’s earth tones and texture!


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