Join Me!

Happy Labor day folks! I just wanted to invite you to join my group over at Scrapbook News and Review. Learn and share your work, get ideas and tips and you know there will be freebies! Click here to join!

My new forum group, c'mon and join the fun!
My new forum group, c'mon and join the fun!

Have a safe and happy labor day and till next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Join Me!

  1. Hi there! I stopped by before and forgot to comment…I joined your group…because of this entry, actually…LOVE IT! Thanks for the kind words on my projects and DT spot!


  2. Can’t find a contact for you so I’ll leave it here, hope you don’t mind. Me too, I had 4 solo shows in one year,one library, 2 galleries and a coffee shop. The coffee shop was a gold mine, the other spots nothing sold. My idea is that the customers saw the art every day where as the other venues it was a one time event.
    I too don’t enter anything that charges a fee, and there are tons of place to show that don’t. Thanks for dropping by the ladybugcircus.


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