Let’s Make a Diaper Cake!

looking for a baby shower centerpiece that is pretty and useful? How about a diaper cake:

Diaper cakes are fun to make!
Diaper cakes are fun to make!

I used a pack of size 2 diapers, 3 bottles, 4 pacifiers and travel bottles of baby stuff to make this. My daughters love to help too 😉 First roll up the diapers and secure them with rubber bands, next time I’ll use white ones to make the cake a bit prettier. Gather 6 rolled diapers together and put a large rubber band around the bunch and keep tucking in the diapers around the edge. Add another layer of diapers, the tie a wide bow around it. Make a smaller layer in the same fashion and stack on top. Take a bamboo skewer with the point cut off or a chop stick or dowel and slide it through the two layers being careful not to rip any of the diapers. place the bottles on top and secure with a rubber band. Add a bow to the bottles. Tie on pacifiers with pretty curling ribbion and tuck in travel bottles of shampoo, lotion, powder and diaper cream. You can tuck in candies too (for the mommy to be!) if you like! Tomorrow I’ll share a gift any mom-to-be would love (I know because I gave on to my expecting sister last weekend!) till them happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Diaper Cake!

  1. I love this! I’ve always wanted to make one of these! Such a great centerpiece for a shower. I don’t have any of those coming up, but I’ll keep your tutorial in mind next time I do! Thanks Lindsay!


  2. One of my very best friends is having her first child and I have always promised that I would get her a diaper cake. Well, it turns out that I’ll be throwing her a baby shower too! I’d really like to make the diaper cake so that I can use it as a center piece and her main gift from me besides the baby shower. Now I know how they keep the diapers rolled up!


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