Traditional vs. Digital…who wins?

We do!!! Lucky us to beย  crafting at a time when the perfect sheet of paper or stamp can be found in seconds right on our computer! We are also lucky (despite the recession) to have isle after isle of papers, punches, rubber stamps and embellishments to pick from at our craft stores! It is easy to be overwhelmed by all crafting has to offer but if you are smart and think of your computer as a scrapbooking tool you can save money and be at your creative best. Here I made two cards with a similar “feel” one mostly digital, the other mostly traditional, can you tell which one is which?

One card uses digital elements, one used tradtitional elements but they both have the same "feel".
One card uses digital elements, one used tradtitional elements but they both have the same "feel".

Before we go any further I need to have a quick tip with you! If you have a dried up permanent marker (the peach one I used to color the owl on the left was a new but dry Bic Mark-it) you can bring it back to like by placing it tip down in a cup with a bit of goo-gone in it (I used googone ink-away because I found a bucnch on sale!) Let it set for a minute or two then your marker will be as good as new. Save your old markers because with this method you can make some pasltel shades when most of the color is gone!

So, Which one is which?

White Cardstock: Georgia Pacific, Yellow: DCWV, Digital Paper: Digital Freebies, Fonts: Lettering Delights (Woodsy, Woodsy Words, Whoo's Birthday), Other: Foam tape, deco scissors
White Cardstock: Georgia Pacific, Yellow: DCWV, Digital Paper: Digital Freebies, Fonts: Lettering Delights (Woodsy, Woodsy Words, Whoo's Birthday), Markers: Bic Mark-It, Prismacolor,Other: Foam tape, deco scissors

On this card (above) I used digital paper from Digital Freebies (sign up for their newsletter and you will know when the weekly freebie is available) I cropped the paper to 5″x7″ and used the colored pencil tool in Paint Shop Pro to “ink” the edges then I copied that and pasted it to an new 8.5″x11″ document. I slid it to the bottom corner leaving space above it so this would be my card base. On the edge of the document I typed dingbats (cloud, owl and sentiment) I used the eyedropper tool to make them match the paper, then I printed my sheet. I trimmed out the piece to be used as the card, then I colored and trimmed the elements with permanent markers because they won’t make the printer’s ink smear. I cut a yellow scalloped circle and a smaller circle from cardstock with my cricut and SCAL software, used the small circle to emboss the larger one (for how-to click here), inked it and attached with double stick tape, the other elements I attached with foam tape for more dimension. Obviously this is the digi-card ๐Ÿ˜‰

Paper: K&Co, Cardstock: DCWV, Stamps: Inkadinkado, The Paper Co., Font: Lettering Delights (Woodsy), Other: Cricut+SCAL software, Notch & Die tool: Basic Grey
Paper: K&Co, Cardstock: DCWV, Stamps: Inkadinkado, The Paper Co., Font: Lettering Delights (Woodsy), Other: Cricut+SCAL software, Notch & Die tool: Basic Grey

For the Traditional Card I used Double sided paper from K&Co (this too is a good deal because I buy the pads of 36 sheets on sale fir $6 at Jo-Anns), I cut a scallop strip with my notch&die tool and glued it to the bottom, I used my Cricut and SCAL software to cut the Branch and leaves using the font DB Woodsy and glued that on the card over another embossed scalloped circle. I stamped the owl by inking the stamp first in light orange ink then rocking the edges on a brown inkpad before stamping on white cardstock. O trimmed it closely and adhered with foam tape. Tip: before you use inexpensive clear stamps rub an eraser over them, that will make the ink adhere better, you only need to do it once ๐Ÿ˜‰

So the next time you need the perfect paper, stamp or die cut try using your most powerful scrapbook tool, your computer and you will find savings in both time and money ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

PS: Looking for free digital scrapbook supplies? check out my list on the right column of my blog and start downloading!

17 thoughts on “Traditional vs. Digital…who wins?

  1. Love both of these cards! And I love all kinds of stamps, so I can’t choose a winner!

    Oh, btw, I’ll totally be up for a shopping trip soon! And a craft night…I’m having withdrawls…


  2. I love both of these! I think the digital one is actually my fav though! I have a weak spot for owls anyways. It is funny how they have been made a fad lately in the scrapping world. Thanks for the tips!



  3. looks great!!!!
    I can’t believe I still don’t own a color printer, I live in the dark ages!! I just can’t decide which kind to get, I want to make my own rub-ons but hubby thinks laser are better, plus I want to spend all that money on more cute scrap stuff!!!


    1. Wow, no color printer, I can’t imagine! I highly reccomend getting one that takes seperate color cartridges that Stampes will recycle. For instance I have an HP Photosmart D7360 and it takes 6 cartridges. A pack of 6 cartridges and 150 sheets of HP advanced photopaper is $40 but I get $3 back per ink cartridge so that makes the ink and paper cost $22, not bad;) I will warn you that the printer pack claims that you can print 150 “photo quality” pictures but that is not the case, if you read the fine print it says in draft mode, yuck! I think you can count on 100-120 professional quality pics though plus you can just buy a yellow cartridge when the yellow runs out instead of changing them all out. Note the “HP printer pack” inks have less ink in them then if you get just the color ink pack or but the colors individually whitch is totally lame since the cartridge is the exact same size, they just fill it less! Oh well, I still think it is a good deal and it takes the vivera ink that is lightfast and supposed to last 100 years or something;) Lazer cartridges are more pricey I think but I have no experience with that;) Also watch out for those black friday deals when they practiclr give the printers away, they are ink guzzlers, My friend got a HP photosmart for like $30 on black friday but it took 2 ink cartridges (one black, one color) and she had to refil that thing all the time at $90 a pop! That was no deal! I think my HP was about $200, keep in in mind, pay a bit more now or pay a lot more in the long run. I tried refilled ink cartridges once with my old HP and my photos got blurry as time went on, never again!


      1. thanks so much for all that info!!!! It’s so nice to hear it from someone who uses it and not from an add!!! I’ve heard that sometimes it’s just cheaper to buy a new printer than to get new ink, as I guess was the case with your friend ๐Ÿ™‚
        do you print your own photos with it too? I’m not sure I would like the quality enough, I’m picky that way, but then most people I’ve seen print their own don’t have good paper so maybe that’s why I don’t like it ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the Cricut Tips and the awesome scrap projects! I run a blog too on Cricut and scrapbooking at If you’d like, I’d love to exchange links with you. Let me know if you’d like that, and I’ll put a link to your site on mine!


  5. Hey Julie,
    I print all of my own photos on that printer and I love the quality, it is still cheaper to get them printed (4×6) at wal-mart but I have the convience of printing whenever I want and when I used to take them to be printed I always had lots of leftover pics so it probably cost more to have them printed out. As for 5×7 and 8×10 it is WAAAAAYYYY cheaper to print them at home;) I print my digital scrapbook pages on this printer too but since the largest it will print is 8.5″x11″ I print them out at 8″x8″ and I bought a cute little 8×8 scrapbook at joanns to store them. You can read reviews on line too, PC world is good for that, my printer is a couple years old so I’m sure there are more to offer now, I think Kodak as a model that is supposed to be cheap on ink but I’ve only used HP. I hope this helps;)


    1. Hi tamara, It was part of last weeks freebie kit at Digitalfreebies, it probably isn’t still available cuz they only keep it up for a week, I wish I could have finished it sooner, sorry;( I think it is included in one of their megakits though and they are pretty cheap;)


  6. Another great way to save money is to buy one of your basic papers – then scan it to use for frames and accessorizing. One paper does the job of two!

    A second tip is to use that great scrapbooking software like my favorite Serif’s Digital Scrapbook Artist. You can upload inexpensive packs, set up your own sample layout for sizing, then print the frames, swatches, and accessories and complete your project in the traditional manner. Great way to improve layering without always having to search for that perfect item. Many can be added with the inexpensive brads from Dollar Tree -another great buy!! Thank you for suggesting it.


  7. These cards are so cute… love both of them!! Also, I like both traditional and digital stamping…depends on the projects!


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