Life is a Cabaret! (and freebies!)

Wow! Sequins, glitter and tulle all in one project! There is a challenge over at the Pink Persimmon blog to make any kind of paper doll and here is what I came up with:

16"x20" altered canvas by Lindsay Weirich

16"x20" altered canvas by Lindsay Weirich (scroll down for paper doll template)

When I started I had in mind a lovely vintage ballerina, but, when you make a doll it tends to take on it’s own personality and not far into this project I realized I had a sassy night club dancer on my hands! I started with a 16×20 artist’s canvas and tore black and white patterned scrapbook paper and decoupaged it on then gave it a wash of reddish pink M Graham & co acrylic paint, I only use the artist quality paint because it is transparent and is bright but will let the pattern of the paper beneath show through. I painted it on with my wet decoupage brush so it would be extra streaky then I cut (with my cricut and SCAL software of course) the paper doll and the title (cut with scal and the font Darnell), glittered the word cabaret and gussied up the doll with stamps, markers and chalk. Here headpiece is from a gift bag and her skirt is tulle and I scattered sequins around cuz, why not! I also taped a few sheets of magazine text together, accordion folded it and cut the paper doll border on the bottom from that. I also made some stencil paste by mixing latex caulking an the same acrylic paint and scraped it across a plastic stencil (see top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner. What do you think? too gaudy?

Since this was a Pink Persimmon challenge I decided to make a a card with their “ribbit” set:

Stamps Pink Persimmion, Die Cuts: Lindsay Weirich (see download below)

Stamps Pink Persimmion, Die Cuts: Lindsay Weirich (see download below)

I also cut the Mushroom (large) with my cricut and scal software. I colored the stamped mushroom with my prismacolors and blended it with goo gone.

Here are the patterns!

Download the Paper doll SVG to cut with your cricut if you have SCAL software.

Here is a printable paper doll template (PDF)

Here is the Mushroom card SVG to cut with your Cricut and SCAL.

Here is a printable mushroom card template.

Note: I use a circle punch to punch the holes in the top of the mushroom, there are no holes in the templates.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

12 Responses

  1. When I first opened the page and saw the very top of this (before scrolling down) a big smile broke out across my face………..just love the bright vibrant colors! Then as I did scroll down, my jaw began to drop…..I really love the whole thing?! There is so much life there!!

    Your card is quite cute, fun, and full of whimsy! I’m so glad I stopped by today!! :>


  2. Lindsay, do you know, that i like Frogs???
    many frogs are in my bathroom..
    What a beautiful card, great idea!

    greetings from germany
    die hippe


  3. Dude. You blow me away. I have probably told you that a hundred times, but I need to say it a hundred more. I would never even think of the stuff you put together. You’re just a total rock star.


  4. Ohhhhh too cute!! Thanks so much!!


  5. Wow – just breathtaking!!


  6. This is amazing! Your sassy night club dancer is just great. Totally has a Moulin Rouge vibe!

    I don’t know if paper dolls seem difficult for people, but right now, we only have two participants in our random draw for Lottie, so your chances are REALLY good Lindsay! Thanks so much for playing along. (And the Ribbit card is really cute too!). – Darcy


  7. Thank you SO much for sharing your AWESOME files!!!! Hope you are having a blessed day!!


  8. Hey LIndsay…I just wanted to THANK YOU for your very sweet comments on my blog!!! You’ve made my day today!!! I hope you have a very blessed Thursday!!!


  9. OMG, Lindsay, that is awesome!!!!! I love it. I love taking canvas and creating with it. Oh I really need to get my scraproom put together and pull out my Cricut so I can finally play with the SCAL. Oh I need to win the lottery so I don’t have to go to work, lol!!!! ok, enough whining from me. :-),

    I love it!


  10. Hi Lindsay,

    Your canvas is so out there, I love it!! I’ll try to see if I can make a card for a girl friend who is very extravagant – she’ll love it!



  11. I love the mushroom card, but I think the paper doll is a winner! You’re going to win that contest, you heard it here first!!


  12. These are awesome! Love them!!


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