A “pink” and orange challenge!

Have you heard of the company Pink Persimmon? Well, I saw their stamps for the first time a couple of months ago and fell in love! I really wanted the Little Red Wagon set but it was sold out, well, they were back in stock last weekend and I snagged a set! Here is a card I made with it:

Stamps: Pink Persimmon, Little Red Wagon set, Cardstock: The paper Co, Ribbon: Target, Paint: M Graham
Stamps: Pink Persimmon, Little Red Wagon set, Cardstock: The paper Co, Ribbon: Target, Paint: M Graham

I also got the “Oh Deer”, “Ribbit” and “Polka Dot Mushroom” too and I used stamps from those sets on this card:

Stamps: pink Persimmion
Stamps: pink Persimmion

Crafty Tricks: Use both sides of the clear stamp as I did on the larger mushroom. Put the stamp on the block backwards and stamp it like a shadow stamp, wipe off the stamp and apply it correctly then stamp the outline over it, easy coloring! I cut a wave out of a scrap of paper and used it to mask the “sky” area of the card and blotted a green inkpad on the bottom of the card for grass. I colored the images on both cards with M. Graham Watercolors, another quick tip, if you are trimming your images out there is no need to stay inside the lines when you color, let the paint fly!

If you check out their blog they are having contests all month to celebrate their birthday (1 year!) and if you participate you could win yourself some stamps! Gotta love free stamps!

That’s all for now, It is such a beautiful day today I’m gonna get the kids outside to enjoy it! Till next time Happy Crafting!

7 thoughts on “A “pink” and orange challenge!

  1. Oh twins! I’ve always wanted twins… still do as a matter of fact! I did attempt to do the 2S4U showdown, but I’m sure I didn’t make any of the lists for final 30. I didn’t even attempt to look through all the contestants. After I saw a few of the things being submitted, I knew I was hopeless. I’ll keep trying … other stuff ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. WOW cute cards my favorite is the little girl w/ the wagon….this is the first itme I have heard of them. Love the stamps they have. Thanks for the heads up!


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