Sending springtime, 2s4u, and a freebie!

Well, I can’t guarantee to send any spring your way (although we are having a gorgeous springy streak in my neck of the woods) but I can surely send you a freebie:

Stamps: The Rubber Cafe, Sketch: 2s4u, Paper: K&Co.
Stamps: The Rubber Cafe, Sketch: 2s4u, Paper: K&Co.

I made a quick little pocket to cut with my cricut. I have a cricut version to cut with the George cartridge, an SVG version to use with SCAL and a printable version for everyone else. The pocket file has no window in it so if you want one chose a shape (click on whatever shape you want in George or click the shapes tab in the font menu box and pick a shape) and place it in the middle of the wider rectangle. Do not weld this. click cut and you are good to go!

I used the cute sketch over at 2sketches4you as the inspiration for this card. I used the “Poppin Pastels” technique for the stamping. This is great if you want a soft look or if you don’t have many ink-pads. First ink up your stamp with clear embossing ink ad stamp your design on a light colored cardstock. (if you don’t have any clear ink just use a bit of glycerin on a make-up wedge to ink up your stamp, it is the same stuff!) then using a pom-pom or a cotton swab dab on chalk. For the dragonfly I used a tiny pom-pom to apply the chalk carefully and erased any stray smudges. For the butterfly and scroll stamps I used a big pom-pom and rubbed the chalk all over the place. Guess which way I like better 😉

All the stamps on the project are from the Rubber cafe, I was just over there the other day and Melissa has added a bunch of new stuff, I have my eye on the Herbal Leaf and Arabian Foal stamps!

Ribbon Letters: Jo Anns
Ribbon Letters: Jo Anns

Oh yeah, the little copper letters I used were from Jo-Anns, I got them years ago and they are meant to slide on ribbon but I wanted a touch of grunge and no frills so I stuck them on with my homemade glue dots.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy crafting!

18 thoughts on “Sending springtime, 2s4u, and a freebie!

  1. This card is fantastic. I love everything about it. And thanks so much for the how-to information. I had seen your fantasy card the other day, but hadn’t looked anywhere else. You have wonderful creations and I really appreciate you explaining how you achieved each of your looks.


  2. Amazing! This is so gorgeous and your pointers for the Cricut are fantastic. I just got an Expression & can’t wait to learn how to use SCAL. Your work is incredible! Thanks for sharing all that you do. :O)


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