Quilling with the cricut (or scissors if you don’t have one!)

I am constantly amazed by the stuff you can make with the cricut. I was looking at the $50 paper fringers at the craft store the other day and wondered if I could make a file that I could cut with the cricut using SCAL software to make quilling fringe for flowers and guess what? I can. I used the geisha stamp from About Art Accents and this weeks sketch from 2 sketches4you for inspiration. Check out the flowers on this card:

Stamp: About Art Accents, Texture plate Fiskars

Stamp: About Art Accents, Texture plate Fiskars

It is easy too. Basically what you do is import my quilling fringe file into SCAL software and size it so you have 4 to 8 cuts per inch and copy and paste the file one or twice to get the length you want, draw a box from the shapes menu around the fringe column making sure the top and bottom of the box touch the quilling fringe, and cut. You will have 2 fringe strips. You can make longer or shorter fringes too, you can’t do that with a fringer!

How to use the quilling fring svg file

How to use the quilling fringe svg file

Here is the quilling fringe svg file and here is the SCUT file I made my flowers with. Download them both because you will need to have the svg file for the scut to work. Here is how to make the flowers. If you don’t have a cricut just cut a strip of paper and snip fringe on one side with scissors. If you have the multi blade scissors that people use to shred documents you can make quick work of it!


They are really quick and fun to make. I made a bunch of white ones then dyed them with my homemade glimmer mist or you can simply cut them out of colored paper!

plain but pretty quilled flowers!

plain but pretty quilled flowers!

Thanks for stopping by. If you try this let me know how it turns out! Happy crafting!

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