Home-made glue dots!!! Get more done, and a cute card too…

Hello there my loyal blog readers. Do you like glue dots? Do you think they are to pricey? If so you are in for a treat because I figured out how to make them. You will need a bottle of Aleen’s Reposition It glue and something slick to drop the glue onto. I used leftover backing from the sticky vinyl I cut with my cricut but freezer, waxed or leftover sticker backing should be fine. It’s easy just squirt fine drops in rows on the paper and let dry. The glue doesn’t seem to shrink so make the dots (or lines for ribbon) the size you want them. I just bought a bottle of the Reposition it for $3.50 and it will make thousands easily! Do not get the spritz version for this project. (I could not find Reposition it squeeze tube online but Aleenes Tack it over and over again will work and it is cheaper!)To store the dots just cut the paper into strips and gently roll it up. You can also brush this onto the back of your unmounted rubber stamps to make them clink, much cheaper than buying EZ mount foam! Easy and frugal too! Now on to the card:

Stamps: House Mouse, The Rubber Cafe, Design By Lindsay Weirich
Stamps: House Mouse, The Rubber Cafe, Design By Lindsay Weirich

Did you know that you can buy House Mouse stamps from The Rubber Cafe? They have awesome prices on them too! I used the Chewable Aspirin stamp to make this cute get well card. I colored the image with watercolor crayons then used a blender pen to blend the colors without wrinkling the paper.

Tip: To get more stamping g done try this: Stamp out a bunch of images, the kind you color such as the House Mouse are best, and keep them in an envelope with a pack or markers, colored pencils or watercolor crayons. When you find yourself with a few extra minutes like when the kids are coloring or when you are watching T.V. grab your envelope and color in a few images. Then later when you have the time you can add them to a card. I do this all the time. Stamp extra while you are at it to trade with other stamping buddies and you have instantly increased your stamp stash and theirs.!

Oh and if you like the dew drops on the card I made those too very inexpensively, see my tutorial here. But if it seems like too much trouble you can get the store bought ones here.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Home-made glue dots!!! Get more done, and a cute card too…

  1. i noticed on today’s post you mention using allene’s repositional or tack it over, etc glue for the glue dots. in a previous posting you were using hot glue. do you prefer one over the other? i’d rather not haul out my glue gun if i don’t need to. and if you use the tack it glue and leave them rolled up on the paper strip, how would you color them?
    glad i found your blog…i’ll have to keep an eye on you! lol!
    tia, sandyh


  2. Hi Sandyh,
    The glue dots are sticky dots you uses to adhere embellishments to cards and scrapbook pages. You could but a glue dot on the back of a button and stick it to a card and it would be stuck, no drying time! The dew drops (made with hot glue) are pretty little embellishments (the blue gems on the card above are home-made dew drops). You could use the glue dots to adhere the dew drops. The glue dots will be sticky forever. Does that make sense?


  3. I have a question re: making your own glue dots with the Aleens Tack It Over and Over. Over time, will the glue dots loose their “sticky-ness” or will they stay on permanently. I’d hate to make the glue dots, use them for embellishments and then have my card come apart after a while. Thanks for all your creativity.


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