Make a scoring board for free!

Everyone is raving about the Score-Pal and quite frankly I was feeling a bit left out (but there is no way I am dropping $40 on one, I’d rather spend my $$ on more paper and stamps!) so I decided to make one myself! Here are some cards I made with my faux Score Pal:

I scored the 3 lines on the bottom with my homemade scoring board
I scored the 3 lines on the bottom with my homemade scoring board. Stamps: Inkadinkado, Heidi Grace Designs
I scored the lines on the green panel and bottom of the Kraft card with my homemade scoring board
I scored the lines on the green panel and bottom of the Kraft card with my homemade scoring board. Stamps: Stampin Up!

And it is great for scoring boxes, no ruler required!

I scored this box on my homemade board too!
I scored this box on my homemade board too! Note: Homemade dew drops, cute huh?

Here is what you need: A ruler, a drafting triangle, a bone folder or butter knife, a paneling scrap and a permanent marker.

The paneling scrap I used was free, I simply asked my local hardware store if I could have their discontinued paneling samples. They come 12×16 inches in size and the back is completely smooth (A great painting surface with 3 coats of gesso!) but on the front there is at least on groove that works great for scoring. Better still would be to get a scrap of wainscoting since there are many grooves and they are narrower and would be good for dainty score lines!


Glue the ruler to the top of the panel at a 90 degree angle to the groove. That way you can square up the paper against the ruler. I tried wet glue but even with weighting it down the glue slipped so I ended up using hot glue (love that stuff) and it worked like a charm. Just be careful not to use so much it oozes out the front or you paper will not butt up against the ruler right. With the triangle make lines on the board at 2 1/8″, 4 1/4″ and 5″ to the right of the scoring groove. That will help you line up your paper for scoring cards. I printed out an accurate ruler from and glued it to the ruler so the “0” mark was at the groove for easy reference.

The printed ruler helps placing your score lines.
The printed ruler helps placing your score lines.

Use this board for scoring cards or boxes. You don’t need a ruler! just lay the box over the groove and score with a bone folder or butter knife!

Scoring a box "Look Ma! No Ruler!"
Scoring a box "Look Ma! No Ruler!"

Use the triangle against the ruler to emboss a diamond pattern. It’s not perfect but it was my first try!

Embossed pattern with my homemade scoring board
Embossed pattern with my homemade scoring board

I really love that this takes up so little space. I still can’t believe how well it works, maybe someday I’ll get a Score-Pal but for now I’m lovin this little freebie!

I want to say thanks to my friend Tracy for taking the pic of me using the scoring board, and helping me test out my creation. We spent the morning stamping and gabbing and talking about producing some craft videos for our blogs (as if there wasn’t enough silly nonsense here already!) If you get a chance check out her crafting and photography blogs (this girl can work a camera!)

Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy crafting…and scoring too!

21 thoughts on “Make a scoring board for free!

  1. Great idea and good for you for coming up with it!!! Not only can I not afford to keep up with all the new stuff, it’s not available where I live. I love your idea – thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for the great idea! I have a Making Memories folding trimmer that does about the same thing, but I spend way too much time doing all the math in my head since the ruler won’t fit right starting at “0” in the middle. I may just try this, because I’m also too “cheap” (uh, “creative”) to buy a Scor-Pal, although I’ve been eyeing it for months.

    I’m wondering if it would be possible to have someone with a router (I think that’s what they’re called) make all the extra lines in this paneling like the real Scor-Pal has. Hmmm … I think I may call in a few favors from some wood-working friends! πŸ˜‰


  3. Great idea! I tried making a wood one with my dremmel, but it didn’t turn out well, so I bought one. I will say that I would now list my score pal as my second favorite tool (cricut first of course). I put it off because of cost, now I use it every day and don’t know how I lived wtihout it. I used a 40% off coupon, or I wouldn’t have caved.


  4. Thanks for the fun morning, Lindsay! I had a blast. After lunch, I went to Paper and Clay and bought way to much paper!

    Love the new scor – it gadget you made. I asked hubby about the router idea, and he said a long hand saw and a straight edge would be easier – just another thought.

    So glad you posted these cards – I just love them. And thanks for mentioning my blogs! You are too sweet!


  5. I made my own using chipboard and my Cricut. I cut 8 grooves 1/2 inch apart on a 6×12 inch piece of chipboard. I really like your idea tho, much more sturdy. I doubt our HD or Lowes would give anything away. When we ask they say they can’t and have to throw it away.


  6. I was brainstorming this idea again last night, and hubby and I are going to try using the table saw so we will get perfectly straight lines. The trick will be to not cut the board too deeply. I’ll let you know how it goes when we do it.


  7. LOVE this idea! Good for you for “inventing” it! I also Love, Love your blog and ideas. I’d love to subscribe, but am new to this stuff and can’t seem to find out how to? Can you tell me, please? Thanks!!


  8. Hi Kate, I think if you click on the orange square on the top of the computer screen in the same bar as the address you can subscribe that way. Good Luck!


  9. what a great idea!!! I had to laugh when Tracey told me about this today, as I can totally see myself with a wooden score it, as I was a wood crafter before a papercrafter! I love this idea


  10. Great idea, dug up an old paper cutter in the attic, done some modifications….. it works!!!! Saved a few euros on this one.


  11. THANK YOU!!!!!! ever since i found out about score boards (and how much they cost) i’ve been trying to figure out a way to make one myself for cheap, never thought of using paneling. Stroke of genius, that was. I’m going to hit up the hardware stores tomorrow and make mine, this is going to make all my christmas gifts so much easier


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