The Rubber Cafe DT Card Challenge and a Blog Award…or Three!+

Well, Melissa, the owner of The Rubber Cafe challenged us Design Team gals to make a card that was mainly white, clean no inked edges with a touch of red. Here is what I came up with:


This is a movement card, the heart spins back and forth down the track. Here is how to make a spin or slider card. Using a craft knife cut a 1/4″ track  in the cardstock where you want your focal point to move. Then make your sliding object. I stamped a heart on a scrap of white cardstock and punched  it with a 1-1/4″ punch then matted it wit a 1-1/2″ punched circle.  Then I stuck a round foam dot, I cut mine by hand or you can use a round Pop-Dot. Then stick the other side to a penny. I tucked the penny through the slot and mounted the white panel to the red card with foam tape. The foam tape gives the penny in the back space to move. The stamp I used is by The Rubber Cafe, it contains 3 hearts, see upper right of card for it in it’s entirety, but I used a red Marvy LePlume brush tip marker to color just the heart I wanted to stamp and stamped it. I used my computer and the font Betsy for the sentiment and the swirls were also done on the computer with the dingbat DB dainty Swirls by Lettering Delights. Hybrid, Yay!

I punched 1-1/4″ squares and ran them through my Big Shot on a Fiskars texture plate. See how to use a Big Shot to emboss with any stencil here. If you want to emboss with a stylus or texture tool do it before you punch the squares. I used the circle and square punches from Creative Memories, I got them 6 years ago, I use them almost everyday and they keep on ticking! Both sizes are on one punch and they were expensive, $22 then, but they have lasted me!

If you wan to see more of the Designers’ challenges you can see and Melissa’s here (and be sure to wish her a happy Birthday too it’s tomorrow!)…The rest of the team is still working but you can check out their blogs under the Rubber Cafe Design team links to the right.

And I received 3 blog awards over the weekend! Thank you Sharon, Carla and Penny. You gals are so kind!

Have an awesome holiday tomorrow, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the States, and until next time happy crafting!

Pizza Party Invitations!

I made this card as a thank you for a friend who gave us a Pizza Hut gift card for Christmas. Then I thought hey, these would make great pizza party invitations! Think of how much fun kids would have making these:

Cards by Lindsay Weirich 2009, Cardstock: DCWV

I drew my toppings in inkscape and saved them as an svg so you can cut the with Sure Cuts a Lot software and your Cricut machine. Here are the files:

Pepper SVG, Mushroom SVG, Cheese SVG, SCUT file with the crust card base, cheese and sauce, SCUT file with the toppings. Please download all files if you want to make this card. If you don’t have a cricut you can snag my printable template here😉

here is how to layout your mat 9If using the expression) for the crust and cheese:

layout your paper on the mat like this
layout your paper on the mat like this

Layout your cutting mat this way for the toppings:

layout your paper on the mat like this
layout your paper on the mat like this
cutt all the colors on one mat
cut all the colors on one mat

Or just use the svg files anyway you want. The card base is just two circles welded together, and the sauce is a circle too. If you can manage welding circles you don’t need the scut files but I thought you may find it helpful.

BTW There are enough toppings for 3-4 pizzas there and you could fit more on the paper if you want. Talk about easy invites!

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

Stick anything to anything!

My new Favorite Glue!!!
My new Favorite Glue!!!

I think I found the perfect glue! Last week I got a big goodie box from Gorilla Glue. Cool, I always need glue. What I didn’t realize was how much use it would get outside of the art room. The night I received it I put a crack in my oft-used food processor while making a batch of vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins…I normally don’t bake unless I can cram all the ingredients into the food processor (or bread machine) and when you cram a food processor full of stuff it will eventually break. Well, I grabbed my bottle of Gorilla Super Glue and forced the crack in the food processor open and ran a conservitive bead of glue along the crack. I did this from the outside so any extra adhesive would be squished out side of the bowl) Then I squeezed the bowl to force both sides of the crack together for 30 seconds. I left it alone for 30 minutes then I picked it up and tried to pull the crack apart, yes I tried to break it again but the glue held! Next project: glue polymer clay to metal post earrings. I had some earrings I made 6 months ago out of polymer clay glued to metal post style ear findings. The krazy glue I had used to attach them broke with ease. So I grabbed my Gorilla Super glue and repaired the broken earrings. I went over the old glue residue. I doubted this would work because I couldn’t hold (the package says to clamp the object together for 30 seconds while it sets) the ear-posts to the clay long enough to set without gluing my fingers to the project so I set them on the table and hoped for the best. I came back a few minutes later and tried to pull the metal off and the glue was still a bit wet! yikes, I stuck it back together and checked on it several hours later. Both pairs glued beautifully! I couldn’t break the metal apart from the clay! With regular super glue clay and metal will break apart if dropped or pulled.

Overall Review of Gorilla Super Glue:

Drying time: Varies, Plastic to plastic bonds quickly, the food processor bowl was fully cured in 30 minutes while the clay/metal earrings took several hours. The slower drying time is good for me, I can at least get the cap back on the glue before worrying about clamping my project.

Viscosity: This is thicker than regular super glue. This is a plus if the objects you are gluing together don’t “marry” completely.

Strength: It’s the strongest quick drying glue I have ever tried! It holds up to dropping and it contains rubber particles that gives it flexibility (that is probably what makes it thicker and dry slower too) which is nice for jewelry and other projects that will be handled and played with frequently. I’m sure I’ll be using this in the kids toy-rooms!

Speaking of the kids toys, my girls have one of those wooden dollhouses that have the particle board floors and the floors are held in by grooves on the walls. The 2nd floor in the dollhouse had fallen in 4 times this week and I had enough, I grabbed the Gorilla Wood Glue and ran a bead in the grove on both sides and fit the floor in (then warned my daughters not to touch it for the rest of the day) and when I checked it today that sucker was glued! Nothing will break that…except them climbing on it, and in that case I think the glue would hold, the middle of the floor would cave in!

*One more note when using Gorilla Super glue: You only need a small amount! A little dab will do ya, just a thin coating, get it? I’ll be playing with the other glues too and I’ll let you know how I like them. If the gorilla Super glue is any indicator I’ll like and use them a whole lot! Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting…and gluing too!

Craft this card for $1.07!

In these economic times we crafters need to tighten our belts right…it’s so hard with all the yummy new papers, stamps and embellishments on the market…and we can’t possibly create something beautiful without at lest spending $5 right? Wrong! This is my first project for Creative Cuts and More, I’m a guest Designer for the month of February, isn’t this die cut lovely:

Dollar Tree
Die cut: Creative Cuts and More, Stamps: Inkadinkado, Inque Boutique, Ribbon&Pin: Dollar Tree

I used the Square Scallop 5 1/4″ Dress Card cut from Diamond white Bazzill Bling cardstock. The card is $1 but if you are buying 10 or more it drops to $0.80.  How cut would this be as a bridal shower invite? Here is the cost for this card: (Not counting Pearl-Ex, stamps and ink: they were part of my stash already)

die cut: $1

Ribbon: 0.o5 *14″ off a 6′ roll from the Dollar Tree

Stick pin: 0.13 *one out of an 8 pack purchased at the Dollar Tree. The pin had the flower and white ribbon attached.

Pattern Paper: 0.20 *bought at a 5/$1 sale at Joanns years ago, although one sheet would make 5 cards!

Glue stick: 0.05 *to make the self adhesive pearls, I did not use the whole stick though!

Total: $1.43. If you were making 10 they would cost $1.07 because of the pattern paper being split between 10 cards and the die cut price dropping to 80 cents each! You probably have ribbon, paper scraps and hot glue in your stash already so use it up for crying out loud!

To make the card:

Cut strips of pattern paper 1″ wide and fold them the long way. Print out the pattern below and tape the dress card over it so you see the iris folding pattern through the window.

right-click on this pattern to save and print
right-click on this pattern to save and print

Glue the strips of paper down in the order shown on the pattern. Trim a piece of pattern paper to cover the folds from behind. *note: I used a small heart punch to add detail to the scalloped sides. Stamp flourish. Stamp sentiment on a scrap of purple, cut out and adhere with foam tape. Wrap the fold edge with ribbon and tie a double knot then stick the pin through.

squeeze tiny drops of hot glue onto a silicone mat and let cool for about 30 seconds then use a small paintbrush dipped in Pearl-Ex to add shimmer. Adhere to card (I touched the hot glue gun to the back of the “pearls” to attach them.

Fun, cheap and easy…now that’s my type of craft! Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy crafting!

Free Adjustable Pillowbox Template!

Hi all! A blog reader asked if I could help her make a pillow-box that she could cut with her Cricut and the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. (Thanks Pam!) Here is what I came up with:

The Rubber Cafe
Pillow boxes by Lindsay Weirich 2009. Supplies: SCAL/Cricut, Stamps: The Rubber Cafe
The Rubber Cafe
A sweet little tag. Stamps: The Rubber Cafe
I lengthend the svg file to make a larger box
Adjustable pillow box: I lengthend the svg file to make a larger box

I really liked it so I made an SVG version for SCAL users and a printable version as well. They are all adjustable but the svg and printable versions are probably the easiest to adjust. The little boxes can be cut on the 6″x12″ cricut and the larger one can be done by hand or on the expression.

Download the files here:

Pillowbox for Cricut Design Studio Users (plantain Schoolbook) here

SVG Pillowbox for SCAL users here

Printable version for everyone else here!

I also used Accent Essentials (it came with my Expression as well as Plantain Schoolbook and man, I love that little cart! I keep it down in the art room with my little bug) to cut the swirls and scallop tags. The stamp is from The Rubber Cafe, you know I saw the stamp in my DT stuff this month and thought “eh” I wasn’t crazy about it but now that I’ve used it I really think it is sweet, plus it’s the perfect size for a tag! I never would have picked it but I am glad to have it. It’s cute don’t you think.

Enjoy, thanks for stopping by and  happy crafting!

Earn $20 of product from 2 Peas!

Two Peas in a  Bucket is giving away $20 gift certificates to scrappers who upload 20 projects to their gallery. The catch is that each project you upload must contain 3 products that they sell. Check out their website for details: I might give it a try but being thefrugalcrafter I’m not sure I have enough “product” on my pages. Let me know if you upload so I can check out your work! BTW you need to upload your 20 projects by January 31st and you have about a month to spend your $20.

Happy crafting!

Cheaply mount your stamps!

Card by Lindsay Weirich 2009
Card by Lindsay Weirich 2009

Don’t you love unmounted stamps? They are cheaper, easier to store and work as well as the wood mount ones. What I don’t love is buying EZ mount foam because it adds to the cost of the stamp sets and it gets my scissors all sticky when I have to cut it apart. Solution: a cheap, quick way to mount your stamps so that you can still use them with an acrylic block. Easy as pie and easy on the wallet too!

I bought several sheets of artsy unmounted stamps a while back and Just slapped them to a block with double stick tape andI was good to go. This method is fine, just make sure you have a sheet of fun foam or a mouse pad under the paper you are stamping on. But I grew tired if replacing the tape on my blocks when the sticky was gone and they never stuck well in my storage binders with the tape. So I developed a clever way to mount them with Self adhesive foam, spray adhesive and cling vinyl.

Spray the BACK of your rubber stamps and attach to craft foam.
Spray the BACK of your rubber stamps and attach to craft foam.

Step 1. Spray a generous amount of adhesive (I used Elmer’s multi purpose) on the backs of the rubber dies. You can do the whole sheet at once but mine were already cut apart.

Step 2. Quickly stick the rubber to the non adhesive side of the craft foam. Let it set for a few minutes. Check the clearance isle at the craft store of self adhesive foam, you can probably find Christmas themed sheets for pennies!

Peel off the adhesive backing on the foam and stick to a shhet of cling film. I trimmed the foam (purple) before I stuck it down.
Peel off the adhesive backing on the foam and stick to a shhet of cling film. I trimmed the foam (purple) before I stuck it down.

Step 3. Peel off the paper on the sticky side of the foam and apply the cling film. The kind I have comes in 8.5″x11″ sheets made for making stamp foam work with acrylic mounts but you can probably use the stuff they sell at the fabric stores, just bring along a stamp mount to see if it will stick! This cling film will work if you have Stampin Up sets that you want to use with clear blocks. Instead of sticking them to the wood mounts stick them to this film.

All mounted and ready to go! (that sounds kinda bad, huh?)
All mounted and ready to go! (that sounds kinda bad, huh?)

Step 4 peel off the protective backing and it is ready to use with your acrylic mounts!

Mwahahah! My rubber Cafe DT samples! There mine all mine!...Oh alright you can get them too, there on the TRC website now LOL!
Mwahahah! My rubber Cafe DT samples! There mine all mine!...Oh alright you can get them too, there on the TRC website now LOL!

I mounted all of my Rubber Cafe stamps this way, if you order stamps from them they will come with the E-Z mount already on and trimmed but since I am on the Design Team I sometimes get the promo copy strait out of the factory! their stamps are so deeply etched that they will stamp fine without the foam but having it on makes my creating process faster and easier!

I’ve heard other creative mounting ideas too, one very frugal idea is to use foam core (you can get a 20″x30″ sheet at the dollar store of ask a frame shop for scraps) just tape or spray adhere the stamps to the foam core and you are good to go without a handle since the foamcore is rigid enough to be it’s own block. It may bend and wear out over time but hey it only cost a few sents! Good to know if you are in a jam!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

Did you know you can rent Cricut Cartridges?

I was thinking that it be great to be able to rent cartridges for your Cricut machine. You could try it out before you spent $40-$100 on it to see if you really like it, or, if you just need a cart for a particular project like a baby shower you could rent it for as long as you need it. Cool idea right. Why didn’t someone think of that before? Well Someone did, I found this site: they work like Netflix, you pay a monthly fee to rent 1 or two carts at a time. When you mail the one you have back you get the next one on your list. Cool Huh. I have not used this service because I can do pretty much anything I want with my SCAL software but if you love the Cricut carts you may want to give them a try.

Speaking of Cricut cartridges, see what I made with Wild Card and my new Rubber Cafe stamps. Deal Aleart: free shipping code for The Rubber Cafe: HNY2009

Cards by Lindsay weirich 2009
Cards by LindsayWweirich 2009

I love how the dew drops sparkle! You can buy them at the rubber cafe or if you have a glue gun you can make something similar, read how here.

To make the card I laid all of the parts out in design studio. I kept it all on one mat and cut it out in several different colors so I can mix and match to make different valentines cards, there are candles in the design too that I will use on Birthday cards! I stamped Happy Valentines Day on the inside of the card with brown then stamped Trailing Hearts with clear embossing ink and then dabbed on red and pink Pebbles chalk. I ran the bottom layer of the cupcake through a paper crimper (OK that’s a lie, I didn’t have a paper crimper so I used a tube wringer, a devise used to wring out tubes of paint so you get every drop, there I go saving money again!) then I inked it to show the texture. I tied ribbon around the bottom later before adhered it to the base. TIP: tie your ribbon upside down for a perfect bow every time! Then I added pink dew drops and adhesive pearls for sprinkles. I like them but then again I’m especially fond of cupcakes, vegan ones that it!

If you are using the Wild Card cartridge without Design studio just set the size for the card base and keep the dial set there and all of your layers should come out the right size. Do not use the “real dial size” feature. If you want to try out wild card before you buy check out Crabby Crow! BTW Cricut Carts are on sale for $40 and accessories are 40% 0ff at Jo-Anns January 11th-31st!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and as always, happy crafting!

Retail Therapy…and a toot too!

So a girlfriend and I decided that we needed some “retail therapy” the other day and made plans to visit a new vegetarian restaurant for breakfast then head over to the new bead store in town (OK not exactly new but we have been home-bound, each with out own set of twins and an older child to boot but they all went off to school this year so we have a couple of precious hours to shop, who wants to bring toddlers into a bead shop…seriously.) Well I got gift certificates to the restaurant for Christmas, yay, but I find out they went out of business Sunday (Boo!) No Problem, we will eat somewhere else and still hit the bead shop, Nope, closed for inventory (Waahhh!) New plan, OK, A-HA there is a stamp store in Orono and a funky little store/cafe next door we can grab a coffee and check out Judy’s Scrappin & Stampin! Sometimes when things don’t go according to plan it is simply wonderful! We walk through the door and I ask “Where are the stamps?” Judy replies “All the wood-mounted ones are over here and they are 50% ! Sale starts today!”

Did I slip on the ice, am I unconcious? Who is thes crazed person?
Did I slip on the ice, am I unconscious? Who is this crazed person?

Fully stocked shelves on the first day of a sale! What luck. I am a happy camper!

never alow yourself to be photographed wearing 5 layers of clothing.
Note to self: never allow yourself to be photographed wearing 5 layers of clothing.

See what I bought…

Wow! what a haul, most of it half off!
Wow! what a haul, most of it half off!

And my faves are these…

Don't ya love that sentiment?
Don't ya love that sentiment?

The sign stamp is famous in Maine. We have towns with names of other countries, I actually grew up in China…Maine that is! My childhood friend’s dad is an artist and he painted that sign, I’ll have to make her a card with it! The Maine sign stamp is by Silver Fox Stamps.

All in all it was a fun morning although my friend, Kathy, had a cold and REFUSED to be in any of the pictures…you are probably thinking Is there a Kathy? Do you have any friends? What’s up with the pigtails?

*As for the Toots, I get home and check my email and FOUR of my cards have been accepted for publication in Just Cards! and Scrap & Stamp Arts magazines!!! WoooHooo!

BTW Judy’s Scrappin & Stampin is easy to find, located in downtown Orono. Call her at 207 889-8000.

Thanks for indulging me a long rambaling post! Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!