My New Shelf!

Check this out:

Holy cow, check out this shelf!
Holy cow, check out this shelf!

My good fried Kathy called me 2 weekends ago from a lady’s basement who was selling her entire stamp collection. I’m thinking “I need more stamps like I need a hole in the head!” and I decided I didn’t “need” to go but she said she was selling her stamp shelves for 5 bucks. So I decided I would swing by on my way to my parents house to see if she had anything left and check out her shelves. Holy coy this woman was stocked with awesome stamps! I grabbed these House Mouse, Stampscapes and Magenta stamps for 1-3 dollars each! And yes I got the shelf.

Some new to me stamps!
Some new to me stamps!

I thought about getting two shelves but decided that might be too much of a strain on my marriage 😉

If you want a shelf like this it is made from 1×4 pine. It is 6′ high by 4′ wide. Hubby secured the shelf to a beam in the celling since it is tall and narrow, otherwise it would probably tip over. The shelves are 4″-6″ apart, perfect for storing stamps! I had so many that I put them in on the diagonal, I put up my favorites, the rest I gifted to my kids who will use and appreciate them more than I did!

Speaking of the kids, 2 out of 3 are sick, hubby too, hence no crafty project today. I have a few things in the works though and as long as I don’t get what they have I have a new craft up tomorrow. Yay for my superior vegan immune system…I’m totally jinxing myself now…Until next time stay healthy and happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “My New Shelf!

  1. Wow Lindsay! (my favorite “stamp shopaholic” … just kidding!) Those are great stamps. I think I see the Inkadinkado – Trees Silhouette stamp …lucky you!!


  2. WOWZA!!!!!! I’m soooo jealous! LOL

    MASSIVE collection and display! 😛

    I hope your family members feel better soon! My hubby is sick as well…I hear ya…I rarely get sick (vegetarian as well!) and USUALLY fight whatever he has (not veg)…YUP! Watch us both jinx ourselves for saying that now…LOL…hang in there! I really MUST get back into the swing of things with crafting. I think it will be my daily goal for today! Do SOMETHING crafty! LOL



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