Make a diaper cake!

Do you know a mom to be? How about making her one of these:

My first diaper cake...I'm so proud of myself!
My first diaper cake...I'm so proud of myself!

And these:

I made this card with Kathy's template, see link below.
I made this card with Kathy's template, see link below.

You can download the printable template or one to cut with SCAL from this post. Thanks again to my friend Kathy for letting me share her template!

To make a diaper cake you will need a package of diapers, 50 or so, usually marked Jumbo. If you are making this for a mom to be use a pack of size 1 diapers, I used a pack of size two because this was for my friend Kristin who had her baby 3 weeks ago! She is adorable BTW! You will also need narrow ribbon cut into 12″ lengths, wide ribbon, rubber bands, a short dowel or chopstick and baby items such as pacifiers, bottles and teething rings. An extra pair of hands are helpful to, my 4 year old twins helped my by rolling the diapers and holding them together as I tied them. Time needed: 1 hour.

Step 1. Roll up each diaper and tie with a narrow ribbon.

Step 2. Grab a bunch of diapers (6 or so) and join them by wrapping a rubber band around them. Add a layer of diaper rolls around that and tie with a wide ribbon (the extra hands come in handy here!) This is how you make the layers of your “cake” make 3 different sizes so they will stack.

Step 3. Place the large layer on a plate (I save the sturdy plastic trays that fruit platters come in for this but you can cut a circle out of cardboard and cover it with foil.) Then place the middle layer on that. Slide a dowel threw the two layers, then place the top layer on so the dowel is in the middle. This keeps it from falling apart. You could use tape but be careful not to use so much it ruins the diapers when it is pulled off!

Tie on the baby things with the loose ribbon poking out here and there from when you tied the diapers together. Done!

My girls had a ball making this and it is sure to come in handy for any new mother! Why not make one today.

7 thoughts on “Make a diaper cake!

  1. That baby card is adorable! You always have such great projects here. Thank you for your inspiration! I’ve given you a blog award. Please check out my blog to see what you need to do. 🙂


  2. Ok, the longer I scan down on you blog, the more sure I am that I’m never going to miss a future post from you ever! You make some really adorable stuff. You’re very talented and creative. I can’t wait to have time to go through some more of your archives. But as addictive as your site is, it’s time for me to go to bed!


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