Pizza Party Invitations!

I made this card as a thank you for a friend who gave us a Pizza Hut gift card for Christmas. Then I thought hey, these would make great pizza party invitations! Think of how much fun kids would have making these:


Cards by Lindsay Weirich 2009, Cardstock: DCWV

I drew my toppings in inkscape and saved them as an svg so you can cut the with Sure Cuts a Lot software and your Cricut machine. Here are the files:

Pepper SVG, Mushroom SVG, Cheese SVG, SCUT file with the crust card base, cheese and sauce, SCUT file with the toppings. Please download all files if you want to make this card. If you don’t have a cricut you can snag my printable template here😉

here is how to layout your mat 9If using the expression) for the crust and cheese:

layout your paper on the mat like this

layout your paper on the mat like this

Layout your cutting mat this way for the toppings:

layout your paper on the mat like this

layout your paper on the mat like this

cutt all the colors on one mat

cut all the colors on one mat

Or just use the svg files anyway you want. The card base is just two circles welded together, and the sauce is a circle too. If you can manage welding circles you don’t need the scut files but I thought you may find it helpful.

BTW There are enough toppings for 3-4 pizzas there and you could fit more on the paper if you want. Talk about easy invites!

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh they are GREAT love that idea


  2. These are adorable Lindsay!! Soo cute! WOW! You are rockin’ that Cricut lately!! LOL

    hugs, Melissa

    P.S. Yes it is very cold here too!!


  3. These are just too cute, Lindsay!!


  4. Thanks so much, Leslie! Years ago I made something similar (though not as cute) with punches. I mailed them in those inch high corrugated cardboard CD mailers that look like miniature pizza boxes.


  5. Oh my gosh…so cute!


  6. Thanks so much Linsday. These are way too cute. 🙂


  7. What a cute idea!! Thank you for sharing!


  8. Thanks so much for sharing these! I am making fraction pizzas with my first grade class and this will save me so much time! Super idea and great job!!


  9. Thank you so much! I am using these in preschool this week- P is for Pizza. This is perfect! Thanks!


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