Stick anything to anything!

My new Favorite Glue!!!
My new Favorite Glue!!!

I think I found the perfect glue! Last week I got a big goodie box from Gorilla Glue. Cool, I always need glue. What I didn’t realize was how much use it would get outside of the art room. The night I received it I put a crack in my oft-used food processor while making a batch of vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins…I normally don’t bake unless I can cram all the ingredients into the food processor (or bread machine) and when you cram a food processor full of stuff it will eventually break. Well, I grabbed my bottle of Gorilla Super Glue and forced the crack in the food processor open and ran a conservitive bead of glue along the crack. I did this from the outside so any extra adhesive would be squished out side of the bowl) Then I squeezed the bowl to force both sides of the crack together for 30 seconds. I left it alone for 30 minutes then I picked it up and tried to pull the crack apart, yes I tried to break it again but the glue held! Next project: glue polymer clay to metal post earrings. I had some earrings I made 6 months ago out of polymer clay glued to metal post style ear findings. The krazy glue I had used to attach them broke with ease. So I grabbed my Gorilla Super glue and repaired the broken earrings. I went over the old glue residue. I doubted this would work because I couldn’t hold (the package says to clamp the object together for 30 seconds while it sets) the ear-posts to the clay long enough to set without gluing my fingers to the project so I set them on the table and hoped for the best. I came back a few minutes later and tried to pull the metal off and the glue was still a bit wet! yikes, I stuck it back together and checked on it several hours later. Both pairs glued beautifully! I couldn’t break the metal apart from the clay! With regular super glue clay and metal will break apart if dropped or pulled.

Overall Review of Gorilla Super Glue:

Drying time: Varies, Plastic to plastic bonds quickly, the food processor bowl was fully cured in 30 minutes while the clay/metal earrings took several hours. The slower drying time is good for me, I can at least get the cap back on the glue before worrying about clamping my project.

Viscosity: This is thicker than regular super glue. This is a plus if the objects you are gluing together don’t “marry” completely.

Strength: It’s the strongest quick drying glue I have ever tried! It holds up to dropping and it contains rubber particles that gives it flexibility (that is probably what makes it thicker and dry slower too) which is nice for jewelry and other projects that will be handled and played with frequently. I’m sure I’ll be using this in the kids toy-rooms!

Speaking of the kids toys, my girls have one of those wooden dollhouses that have the particle board floors and the floors are held in by grooves on the walls. The 2nd floor in the dollhouse had fallen in 4 times this week and I had enough, I grabbed the Gorilla Wood Glue and ran a bead in the grove on both sides and fit the floor in (then warned my daughters not to touch it for the rest of the day) and when I checked it today that sucker was glued! Nothing will break that…except them climbing on it, and in that case I think the glue would hold, the middle of the floor would cave in!

*One more note when using Gorilla Super glue: You only need a small amount! A little dab will do ya, just a thin coating, get it? I’ll be playing with the other glues too and I’ll let you know how I like them. If the gorilla Super glue is any indicator I’ll like and use them a whole lot! Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting…and gluing too!

2 thoughts on “Stick anything to anything!

  1. I recently discovered this glue too! I agree, it sticks anything to anything! And the best part is, the glue doesn’t stick in the applicator.


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